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Last Week’s Beta For Back 4 Blood Almost Hit 100,000 Concurrent Players

Last Week's Beta For Back 4 Blood Almost Hit 100,000 Concurrent Players

Credit @ Turtle Rock Studios

There is no doubt that people are clamoring for the new spiritual sequel for Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock developed Back 4 Blood peaked at nearly 100,000 simultaneous players during the beta phase last weekend. The game itself was one of the most played games on Steam over the weekend, reaching a simultaneous user record of 98,024 players. Even more impressive is that the beta is still closed, but is still available to pre-order the game ahead of its October release and watch streamers play on Twitch.

The beta proved popular with 98,024 simultaneous players at its peak, according to SteamDB. Available to people who pre-ordered the game or purchased a beta key, Back 4 Blood jumped into the top 10 of Steams games last week, peaking at 97,024 on Steam.

The highly anticipated title, a spiritual sequel to the series Left 4 Dead, sees a group of up to four players achieve goals while fending off waves of zombie hordes. To put this into context, we reported last week that Marvel’s Avengers was experiencing a resurgence among PC gamers thanks to Marvel’s free-to-play weekend promotion.

Last Week's Beta For Back 4 Blood Almost Hit 100,000 Concurrent Players

Credit @ Turtle Rock Studios

The news came from a subreddit post on the cooperative zombie shooting in which players had a little Q/A with the developer Turtle Rock Studios the aim was to confirm whether or not a certain mode was available or not. The announcement of Back 4 Blood was enthusiastically received by Left 4 Dead fans, who expected the game to become popular after its launch. Just in case there was any doubt that those of us screaming for a brand new Left 4 Useless or Turtle Rocks religious successor reached their peaks on the final weekend of the beta break at just under 100,000 simultaneous players.

Back 4 Blood is a cooperative next-gen FPS from the makers of Left 4 Dead, which was unveiled at the 2020 Game Awards. The developers, Turtle Rock Studios, are known to be at their best when it outdoing themselves and we hope it will happen again with a new zombie-based co-op shooter called Back 4 Blood A game which drastically improves on the original popular series Left4Dead but creates space for plenty of enthusiasm for Making, Developing, Learning. Back 4 Blood will bring cooperative zombie-killing to consoles and PCs in October. Turtle Rock Studios Mission with Back 4 Blood is to establish the next-gen co-op zombie shooter genre.





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