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LetsTransport secured Rs 10 crore from Stride Ventures

Venture debt fund Stride Ventures has now revealed that it has invested INR 10 crore in the Bangalore based LetsTransport, an aggregator for fulfilling intra-city last-mile deliveries for enterprise customers.

Ishpreet Gandhi, Managing Partner, Stride Ventures, said,

“While the sector has been adversely impacted by the lockdown, LetsTransport’s robust business and operating model have helped them navigate through these challenging times. The startup’s swift recovery can be attributed to its superior tech-enabled business processes, large enterprise relationships, including essential goods, and the ability of the founders to onboard new clients through its unique offering of on-demand trucking.”

Pushkar Singh, Co-founder and CEO, LetsTransport, said,

“Enterprise businesses are increasingly looking to partner with organised logistics players to facilitate direct to consumer deliveries. LetsTransport is driven to convert this pandemic into an opportunity by maximising the conversion of the unorganised sector into an organised one.”



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