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LG demonstrates it’s work with 6G technology at a Korean exhibition
At a Korean event, LG showcases their progress with 6G technology, checkout to know more:

LG demonstrates it's work with 6G technology at a Korean exhibition

LG demonstrates it’s work with 6G technology at a Korean exhibition
Image Credits: Pixabay

Yes, this post is about 6G! 6G, not the much-heralded 5G, which is currently being rolled out in several countries, including India. All of the use cases that were demonstrated during the deployment of the next-generation communication technology 5G have yet to be seen by the rest of the world.

About 6G Technology

India, for example, has only read about 5G on paper. Indeed, some nimble contributors have stepped forward to help promote 5G in developing nations by introducing 5G-ready gadgets, but their efforts have mostly been in vain.

This is due to several roadblocks, such as spectrum auctions and other underlying causes, which have hindered the 5G implementation. However, the situation is projected to improve around April 2022, when India’s first auction takes place.

Companies can’t stop innovating and pushing their new products to the early adopters because of the sluggish acceptance of new technology in a few nations. Developers and researchers are constantly on the hunt for innovative technologies that have the potential to “improve the world.”

LG, meanwhile, is pleased to report that it is already working on 6G and has achieved a staggering 1Tbps transmission rate. At the ongoing 2021 Korea Science and Technology Exhibition, LG is demonstrating its development in 6G.

According to the first reports, the Korean behemoth would present a 6G power amplifier built in collaboration with Germany’s Fraunhofer Research & Institute.

In comparison to the current 5G promises, this is a relatively fast speed. However, unlike real-life situations, these trials take place in a relatively controlled atmosphere.

As a result, actual speeds when LG deploys 6G in the real world may vary. Even a few Gbps decreases wouldn’t make a difference, though, because the figure is already absurdly high.

This isn’t, however, LG’s first foray into 6G technology. The business presented its power amplifier in August to show 6G data transmission across 100 meters in an outdoor environment in Berlin utilizing the THz frequency range. Because 6G THz has a short-range and suffers from power loss during transmission and reception between antennas, this was critical. The power amplifier came into play at this point since it was able to provide a steady signal.

LG Electronics and Keysight Technologis Inc., a global maker of wireless communication test and measurement equipment, also exhibited ‘Adaptive beamforming’ technology at the event in Korea, which modifies beam directions based on channel changes and receiver placements.

LG anticipates commercial availability of 6G connections in 2029, with standardization work commencing in 2025. “6G will be an essential component of the Ambient Internet of Everything,” LG claims.

The “Ambient Internet of Just about everything” is a novel technology that recognizes human habitation and preferences to make living and working environments more sensitive, flexible, autonomous, and personalized to consumers’ expectations.


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