LiveHealth – Your healthcare is now only a click away !

Healthcare is a very essential part of our lives, yet the healthcare experience in our country is not as smooth as it should be. Today when we can order food, book tickets, buy shoes at a click of a button, yet healthcare remains disconnected. When it comes to healthcare, we still maintain files of medical reports, we still have to manually search for our medical records when we need them, we still don’t exactly know what exactly is happening to us , we don’t know what regular checkups we are supposed to do and we don’t know what is the health trend in our neighbourhood. This list goes on ! Now imagine a world where all information we needed to know about your health was only a click away ! That is exactly what guys at LiveHealth are trying to achieve.
The vision of Livehealth is very simple – that of a better healthcare ! LiveHealth is currently working with healthcare providers and making the healthcare experience for the customer as simple as :  Submit your test sample. Rest everything is taken care by LiveHealth!  LiveHealth will then provide you with your medical records , get  you finer details about the medical report like which of the test results are critical which are normal. LiveHealth uses simple colour indicator which makes it easy for the patient to understand . It also segregate test result based on gender, as the reference ranges for male and female are sometimes different. Livehealth basically provides its users with 3 things management and maintenance of medical records (also, share securely with your trusted people), a connect with your respective healthcare provider and  best deals from your health provider.

Diagnostics and Primary Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in Indian Healthcare space. The size of the Indian dignostics industry is expected to be about to $3.4 B.LiveHealth currently focuses only on  diagnostics, as that is the most varied and rich in medical clear information. The IT healthcare space currently has a lot of players that provide services in isolation .  A lot of healthcare players are trying to build better EMRs for clinics or MIS for hospitals, but only LiveHealth is trying connect the patient / customer (as not everyone who does checkups is a patient) with the provider. LiveHealth is working towards creating an ecosystem where you can actually reach out to your provider and help them serve you better.  DocEngage, Cloud Chowk, RxVault, Praxify are some of the companies currently operating in Healthcare information space.

Abhimanyu Bhosale, CEO at LiveHealth
Abhimanyu Bhosale, CEO at LiveHealth

Abhimanyu Bhosale and Mukund Malani started this venture in September 2013, right after finishing their engineering. Abhimanyu is the CEO and takes care of the business side of things whereas Mukund is more focused  on creating a world class product. Working with the “Start early, learn fast, fail fast!” mantra the company has now grown to a size of 6 members.

LiveHealth is now working with 14 healthcare providers from Pune and is planning to expand to Mumbai by the end of the year. The company soon plans to open their app to all customers, starting from Pune. The app will allow users to search for health providers, find the right package, book appointments, manage medical records, set trackers for vitals and more. They are also planning to start interfacing with whichever medical devices possible in an effort to provide their clients with a seamless experience. The company is bootstrapped and are self sustaining since the last year and is looking for funding to aid their expansion plan.