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Logitech Is Planning To Kill Its Harmony Remote & Make An Exit From Universal Remote Control Industry
There are lazy monopolies. The universal remote control company was purchased, monopolized, and destroyed by Logitech.

Evidence has been added that the Harmony remote arm of Logitech may be discontinued. Reddit users announced the cancellation of their orders and retailers said, “Logitech permanently stops Harmony Remotes demand.” Logitech replied, “We continue to manufacture and promote Harmony, please be told. Delivery and logistics are probably the reason for stock levels, but client support cannot be verified.”

A rapid scan of Amazon and the Harmony Remote Logitech website tells a dreadful story. The majority of remote devices are out of stock. Those that are not insufficient. We are near Christmas at this time and there are several electronic gadgets out of stock. Yet Harmony has faded as the CEO also put it, “I think you’ll see increasingly fewer people who believe like they still need this universal distance over time.”

Yikes. – Yikes. For the future of Harmony, that does not bode well.

But, for the Harmony consumers, what does this mean? For a homeowner who might like to monitor their home theatre device further, Harmony has long been the suggestion. But what is going to happen to the remote ones if Logitech destroys the Harmony remote division?

What Will Happen To Currently Working Logitech Harmony Remotes

Logitech Is Planning To Kill Its Harmony Remote & Make An Exit From Universal Remote Control Industry

Logitech Is Planning To Kill Its Harmony Remote & Make An Exit From Universal Remote Control Industry

No matter what kind of remote Harmony you currently have, it should fit in the future with your current equipment. The remote stand-alone ones clearly would not have a problem, but even if Logitech shuts down its cloud-based interface, the more complicated hub-based distances should not be affected.

You won’t be able to install anymore, the entire current gear is already working. That’s a long-term bummer, but at least your remote Harmony won’t stop running. We believe. We believe. We are looking forward to that. But all it means is you’re going to…

A year ago you downloaded the Harmony Interface on your computer as a standalone application. When new devices are launched, you need to upgrade them. And the cloud was turned.

It’s all online now. Tell us goodbye to adding more gadgets or events to your remotes, if Logitech stops Harmony. They claim that they will help Harmony consumers “in the future,” but that normally means “after the hubbub dies down, then without too much backlash we can take the plug down.”

When we want to disable Logitech…we mean stopping Harmony remote, it is important to release a standalone application to monitor the remote. The community’s most humane means of ending the Harmony divide is to connect additional gadgets to their current remotes. Thus, even though Logitech has terminated Harmony, modders, programmers, and enthusiasts will keep the remote intact.

Not perfect, honestly. Harmony was the pick of multiple people, not just because it had the longest GUI but also because it had the user-friendliest.

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