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Looking for Internships in India? Hiredd.com can help you

Takeaway: Hiredd is a leading job and internship search platform, and here we have discussed what makes it the best platform to find your dream job/internship.

The recruitment industry flourished during the economic blooming period, at a time when the recruitment and selection of candidates depended on either referrals or outstandingly drafted resumes. These methods are still prevalent in many ways even today but have, however, also witnessed the recruitment revolution.

Hiredd is one of the leading jobs and internship search platform that allows users, be it, young professionals or students, to find relevant job and internship opportunities according to their preferences. It is a part of the online recruitment revolution that allows users to apply for job openings through the internet.

Reasons that Make Hiredd the Best Job Search Platform

1. Verified Companies

Hiredd follows a stringent verification process to check all the companies and businesses registered on their platform are genuine. Users can apply for jobs and internships made available by the verified companies who are on a constant hunt to find the right suitable talent for their companies.

2. Find Internships & Jobs

Hiredd is the one-stop-platform for meeting all your employment requirements as a student, fresher, or a young professional. Internships allow students to gain real-life experience of working in a company as a professional while better job opportunities help young professionals in advancing their careers.

3. Filter Your Preferences

Hiredd lists jobs and internships from verified companies hailing from different industry backgrounds across its platform, which can be filtered according to your personal job/internship requirements by adding salary, location, and other filters.

4. Create Resume

Hiredd’s in-built Resume Builder allows users to create their professional resume easily and quickly, within 2 minutes. Hiredd’s Resume Builder simply asks six different questions related to your educational background, previous work experience, etc. to formulate your perfect resume instantly.

5. One-Click Apply

Once a user has created or uploaded their resume, they can apply for the desired job and internships with just one-click. What’s next? The employer will contact you in your Hiredd inbox regarding the next stages of the selection process.

Hiredd is an emerging jobs and internships search platform (like internshala) that acts as a bridge between employers and job seekers, assisting the students in finding their best suitable job or internship match according to their preferences. Check out the top job sites on timesnext. Join Hiredd and find your dream job today!



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