Lucid Air Dream Edition built quality impressing owners

Vivianna Van Deerlin is one of the first customers to get the Lucid Air Dream Edition. Van Deerlin attended the West Coast located ceremony and had a trunk filled with Lucid goodies. Little did she expect that in the first few days itself she will be driving 3,000 miles in the vehicle. The impressive built quality continues to amaze people, especially because of the human craftsmanship.

Lucid Air Dream Edition shows impressive initial build quality thanks to human craftsmanship
Image credits- Teslarati

While Van Deerling attended the West Coast-located ceremony, which included breakfast, numerous speeches from Lucid executives, and a trunk full of Lucid-inspired goodies, she is a resident of New Jersey, and putting 3,000 miles on the car in the first few days was not what she planned for. The vehicle was then shipped to New Jersey, where she plans to take delivery soon.

However, a video Van Deerlin took at the Lucid Delivery Event in California showed the impressive build quality the Air sports in its early builds, and it may be the reason the car was awarded MotorTrend’s “Car of the Year” award. Lucid has already detailed that the first few units of the Air would be built by hand. In March, Lucid detailed the tedious-but-necessary process of taking out automation and bringing humans in to build the cars. It eliminates the uncertainty of mass production, and while fewer units can be built, quality is unmatched. “At this stage in the process, it’s less about the robots and more about the hands-on human element. It’s all carefully choreographed,” Lucid wrote in its blog. “We do have some robots and we do have automation, but this vehicle is put together by humans. And it takes real craftsmanship,” Art Schlaud, Director of Manufacturing for General Assembly said.

Lucid’s competitive nature

Van Deerlin may be one of the most qualified people on Earth to give the first impression of an EV. In 2009, Van Deerlin was a Model S reservation holder, and took delivery of an S85 in December 2012, she said. There was no infrastructure, Superchargers were not a thing, and electrification was far away from the mainstream. “It was a gamble at the time, but we believed firmly in the mission to transition the world to sustainable energy, so we’re excited to be early adopters of Tesla and help spread the word,” Van Deerlin said.

Lucid’s competitive nature, which has included plenty of mention of rival Tesla, does not make anything different for Van Deerlin. “This purchase of a Lucid Air in no way diminishes my passion for my Tesla vehicles, energy products, and the Tesla community. I love our Model 3, Model S, and Roadster. For anyone who truly believes in the Tesla mission, and not just making money from Tesla stock, the success of more than one EV company is imperative. I see a future of transition to electric vehicles — but I do not see a future where everyone drives a Tesla,” she said on YouTube.