Lucid Motors: bridging the EV gap with increased EPA range

Lucid Air Models receive EPA approvals to launch for 2023 models

Lucid Air Models received EPA approvals to launch 2023 models. The certificates of conformity for the Air Grand Touring’s 19″, 20″, and 21″ trim levels. It allows the EV maker to sell the vehicles to consumers.

Lucid Motors: bridging the EV gap with increased EPA range
Image credits- Energy Digital

The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance was also approved by the EPA to receive a Certificate of Conformity, with Lucid applying for the cert on September 7. Like the Grand Touring configurations, the EPA granted the Certificate of Conformity for this specific model on September 9.

Lucid is still ramping up manufacturing of its electric vehicles, which it started delivering this weekend one year ago. Lucid launched deliveries with the Dream Edition trim configuration of the Air, the company’s premiere vehicle design that packs exceptional performance and industry-leading range with 520 miles on a full charge. Vehicle manufacturers are required to submit applications to the EPA for vehicles to be assessed before they are sold and delivered to customers. The EPA performs these assessments to ensure that every vehicle on the road is conforming with fuel economy and emissions standards, with the latter being something EVs do not have much of an issue getting by.

Other approvals

Many companies are sending vehicle applications to the EPA as 2022 comes to an end. Earlier this week, we reported Tesla received its first EPA approvals for 2023 model year versions of the Model S, Model X, and Model 3. Additionally, the company received approval for the Tesla Semi.  Several vehicles in Tesla’s lineup, like Lucids, are unapproved as of now. However, this is not a major alarm as it is only October and there is a delay of about thirty days for the EPA to confirm vehicles have been assessed and approved. We reached out to the EPA for confirmation on whether non-approved vehicles have been submitted by the automakers, but that information has not yet been made available to us. Certificates of Conformity are granted by the EPA when a vehicle is confirmed to be conforming to the agency’s emissions and fuel economy requirements. “Every class of heavy-duty engines/vehicles and nonroad engines introduced into commerce in the U. S. must have a Certificate of Conformity, and they are valid for only one model year of production,” the EPA said.

GM is transforming its business to meet the future of transportation by introducing a full lineup of new electric vehicles this year. With “EV for everyone,” GM is hoping it can reach the masses and speed up the transition to sustainable transportation. In the company’s latest push toward a cleaner future, the automaker released seven new EPA standards that could help drive EV adoption in the United States.