Lucid Air Glass Roof vs Metal Roof

Lucid Air sedan base version without a glass roof to reduce cost
Instead the sedan will have a metal roof

Lucid Air Sedan is teased with a metal roof, instead of the regular glass. The changes are to reduce the cost of the vehicle. Lucid Air Pure is the most affordable version of the brand. And one of the features that are compromised is the glass roof.

Lucid Air Glass Roof vs Metal Roof
Image credits- Lucid Insider

All Airs sold so far have had the glass roof, but Lucid recently shared a photo showing an Air on the assembly line at its factory with the metal roof, suggesting that it has already begun production of this body style.

It’s worth noting that not only the base Air Pure but also the Air Touring is expected to be sold with a metal roof. However, it is believed that for the Touring, one may be able to specify it as an option, while the Air won’t get it at all. So the white Air in the photo that Lucid shared on Twitter could be showing a Touring model, not the Pure. The manufacturer previously said it was looking to begin production of Airs with the metal roof in the fourth quarter of 2022 and the company is hinting that it is on track to meet that goal.

Glass roof issues

Tesla owners of cars with a full glass roof have complained that the heavily treated glass doesn’t block out enough light and heat, to the point some say it’s uncomfortable to drive long distances on very sunny days. With the Lucid Air, though, we have heard much better things about the glass’ performance and Sun-blocking ability, yet even so, some owners will still want to opt for the metal roof and keep the difference or spend it on other options.

Lucid began by delivering the first batch of 520 Air Dream Editions (the special launch version), and now it is building and delivering the Air Grand Touring. Both the Pure and Touring are expected to debut by the end of the year.

Both the Air Pure (pictured above) and Air Touring have announced a range of 406 miles (653 km) and both rely on the same 88 kWh battery pack, but the former has a single 480 horsepower motor driving the rear wheels, while the latter gets a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup with a combined 620 horsepower; they will cost around $90,000 and $110,000 respectively. Lucid also announced in early August that it had over 37,000 Air reservations, but had only managed to deliver 679 cars in the second quarter. It also reiterated its initial production forecast for 2022, which was 20,000 units.