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Lucid Motors Showroom in the US open with virtual reality test drive

Lucid Motors now opened a showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is the first Southwestern US showroom that is open within 50 miles from its state assembly plant in Casa Grande. Additionally, Lucid Motors mentioned that service centers and repair shops will be open soon.

Lucid to open 20 customer locations to help sell and service its electric vehicle | TechCrunch

Image credits- Tech Crunch

In 2020, Lucid Motors anounced that they will use virtual reality experience as a test drive for the customers. Now, not only is the company listed in NASDAQ but also officially opened its showroom for customers in Scottsdale. Being the company’s ninth showroom, more potential customers are getting a closer look at how the car feels. New York, Manhattan, Florida, and West Palm Beach are among the locations which have Lucid cars virtual experience as showrooms opened for customers.

They plan to start deliveries sometime this year. Senior Director of Retail Operation Zak Edson said, “Opening our first Studio in Arizona, just one hour from where the Lucid Air will begin rolling off the assembly line in Casa Grande this year, is a special milestone. This opening reinforces the company’s commitment to the region, and is in direct response to the warm welcome and the high level of interest shown for both our manufacturing operations and the products we are bringing to market.”

Virtual reality experience

Like most upcoming EV startups, Lucid Motors prefers direct-to-customer sales. Anyone who visits the showroom can experience the luxury feels which in detailed and unique. Customers can make inquiries online or come in person and experience the car for themseleves. The seating and driving of the vehicle are imbibed as virtual reality. There is another prototype model which brings aesthetic unique design.

Also, Lucid Motors uses a 4K VR configurator to show their customers an inside view of the car. For those customers who prefer an online experience, they provide a live expeience. Powered by ZeroLight’s Concierge product a cloud-based configuration is used. Everything from the interior to the exterior is personalized and gives a premium futuristic look.

Last month, Lucid motors became Lucid Group after combining with Churchill Capital IV. CEO Peter Rawlinson confirmed that the deliveries will start by the second half this year. A confirmed date or month is not yet provided. Already known to have more than 10,000 reservations, Lucid Air is a well-known vehicle among EV enthusiasts before the deliveries started. Despite the company failing the 20,000 EV target, they have been working on various aspects. Last year they planned to open 8 showrooms besides the one in Silicon Valley. And as the Scottsdale showroom is open, Lucid Group officially has 9 showrooms in various locations.

Image credits- Lucid Motors



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