Luxury homes in Florida to have Tesla Solar and Powerwall+

In line with Panther National and Tesla vision, Solar and Powerwall+ will be installed in some new luxury homes. EV chargers also include in the package, making it a “Full Tesla Energy ecosystem”. Panther National’s new Luxury home community will have Tesla energy systems as their sustainability vision aligns with Tesla’s vision.

Tesla Energy deploys a new record amount of energy storage, solar still  down - Electrek
Image credits- Electrek

First reported by Electrek, the luxury homes will have Tesla products installed in them. Tesla’s making deals to install their solar energy systems in new homes is a unique feature. Tesla owners who plan to buy a house can easily opt for such private residences. Electricity supply to luxury homes takes up more energy than apartments or other smaller homes. These homes have advance home systems that take up power, and having solar energy systems and Powerwall+ back up ensures carbon emissions are reduced.

Also, with a commitment to clean energy, the Panther National development team will develop a combined elegant architecture. Innovative energy technology by Tesla also has color options for the Tesla Solar roof. Florida’s sunshine and advanced technology with reliable energy storage systems are a perfect combination for luxury sustainable homes. Noisy and unreliable fuel-powered vehicles will be replaced, which are reliable in storm-prone areas.


Last month Pather National’s partnership with Tesla was announced. It stated, “Tesla Solar Panels, Powerwall+ with an integrated inverter and Tesla Wall Connectors will work together as a cohesive system to enable residences to achieve energy independence. The flat roof design at Panther National coupled with the Florida sun provides the ideal landscape for Tesla’s proprietary solar panels. In addition, the Powerwall+ systems will replace outdated and noisy generators used in storm-prone areas.”

For Tesla, this deal is a third community project to build residential homes. Panther National is the first to build sustainable luxury homes with solar and sustainable power backup (Powerwall+). Panther Hotel will consist of 218 private residential homes.