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“I want everyone to pick a new skill and make learning a lifelong process” – Madhula Sathyamoorthy of Braingroom

madhula sathyamoorthy braingroom

In today’s world, the education sector is witnessing major changes and racing ahead immensely. With the aide of technological advancements, the students can access information from all over the globe. The providers are aiming at the electronic devices that our community uses like mobile phones, laptops and other handheld devices which enables to drive the e-learning materials straight to their hands.

In the present scenario, we can find many educational apps and sites launched to cater to the increasing need for the right content. Braingroom is one of the popular and budding online portals that work towards simplifying educational needs and providing it to everyone across the planet.

Formed in 2017, one of the strong goals of the organization is to create skill-based sessions for school and college going students along with working professionals. Seeing how all the micro classes are targeted at learners who were short of free time and want to learn things quick, Braingroom’s app connects tutors with the right learners.

The traction and the bookings for the site are from two key segments – college students looking for online programming courses at affordable cost and parents looking for offline co-curricular & extra-curricular classes for their children.

Eventually, most of the schools and colleges have partnered with braingroom for training students in various on-demand programs & activities like programming, personality development and brain efficiency improvement etc.

There is also a special section for private home tutors who are experienced in major subjects and are training students in specific areas like NEET, JEE, CLAT and other competitive exams which has become a boon for the working parents.

Madhula Sathyamoorthy, the mind behind the platform says that “I want everyone to pick a new skill and make learning a lifelong process”. She firmly adds, “India is the second largest mobile phone user in the world, so we need to give them the right content, right skills through the right channel and power this nation in a positive path”.

Madhula Sathyamoorthy Braingroom

Madhula Sathyamoorthy, CEO, Braingroom

For this purpose, the portal has recently launched a number of online classes that are built by Industry experts and professors from premium institutes that are accessible from Braingroom’s android & ios apps. Each class is backed by a well-researched content team that finds the latest technologies in the market and builds content according to the needs of the industry.

These online classes are useful for students who do not get to learn the latest technical skills at their colleges or schools or corporates. The site’s e-learning sessions will help the students to be ready for the real-time scenario of the industry & society.

The team at braingroom offers classes that will boost an individual’s resume. They are completely user-friendly, interactive and have the top tutors & content listed in the site.

“We found that many colleges in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are unaware of the latest technologies in the programming sector & not up-todate with skills that make them job ready. So, we have started making skill & placement packages for them” says Madhula

The main feature of online skill classes is the fact that, the timings are flexible and is according to the student’s demand and can be accessible from mobile apps as well, which has been a huge success with many colleges across Tamil Nadu.

While the online programs are targeted for students across India, the offline programs are currently live in Chennai and Bangalore alone.

The team of 15 are currently getting over 1000 booking per month (combining online and offline classes) and has received responses from other state schools & colleges too as they are providing the classes at very affordable price structure. This has led Braingroom to become the preferred skill sharing partner for many colleges and universities.

Braingroom is slowly creating whirlwinds of change in the education sector by introducing a connection between the strongest technical minds of the nation with the not-so privileged non-metro students who at their day-to-day life may not get a chance to meet such tutors.

The team strongly feels that “we have always wanted to bridge the gap between the students and the right tutors”. The tutors help in empowering the student community by fueling them with top-notch industry-friendly content.

The company plans to take the app based online content and tutor booking & CRM products to different countries across APAC in the forthcoming years with  a vision to equip learners & tutors with powerful tools.

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