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Mahle Powertrain & Allotrope energy aim to charge batteries in 90 seconds

While electric cars are competing with gas-powered cars in terms of range, and technology advantages. Mahle Powertrain and Allotrope energy are working on creating a vehicle that can charge the vehicle in 90 seconds. Despite having better ranges and advanced technologies like driver assist, screen displays, etc. The charging time was unavoidable for EVs. But there powertrain and energy companies say they can make the impossible possible.

Lithium Sulfur, Lithium Carbon — Batteries Have Come A Long Way, Baby |  CleanTechnica

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Mahle Powertrain’s heal of research, Dr. Mike Bassett says,  “With the rise of the on-demand economy, there’s been a rapid increase in the use of petrol-powered mopeds for urban deliveries such as takeaway meals, and this has contributed to air quality issues in our cities.” Then added that the company  “has considered how an electric moped could be used as an urban delivery vehicle powered by an inexpensive small capacity lithium-carbon battery that could be recharged between stops in as little as 90 seconds.”

Furthermore, it is known that the technology can be achieved through Allotrope Energy’s lithium-carbon technology. This technology has the benefits of combinations of both supercapacitors and traditional lithium-ion batteries. This combination is going to be the reason why the vehicle could be recharged quickly. While the good energy is density is retained with no thermal degradation effects (which are experienced by traditional-lithium ion batteries).

Conducting a study to determine if it works

Mahle and Allotrope are working on conducting a study and see if it actually works. The team is using a city-based e-moped with a target range of 25 km (or 15.5 miles). A traditional battery would need the vehicle to charge for half an hour with the need to replace the battery every year or two. But Mahle and Allotrope plan to change these features.

As the battery reaches its 90-second goal to travel for 20 km, they also plan to work on battery sizes. For larger vehicles with greater ranges, the battery size is of concern despite having the technology. The team would be working on developing a smaller size and lightweight battery with lower costs. If they really manage to pull it off, this could be game-changing technology to wipe out all gas-powered vehicles.


So far even the top EV makers in the industry also have been able to manage to get super-fast charging at 15 minutes to travel for 200 miles. Which technically means every minute the vehicle could be charged for 13.33 miles. Which would make a 90-second charge, 19.99 miles. Mahle and Allotrope wouldn’t technically be doing better than Tesla’s Supercharger. However, they could be considered tough competitors for the other companies which have ranged from 100-200 miles. As cost is a matter of consideration for a shift of automobile industry, effective cheap batteries, making budget-friendly vehicle.



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