Shashank Avadhani - Co-founder and CEO - Alyve Health
Shashank Avadhani - Co-founder and CEO - Alyve Health

Making Healthy living easier and more accessible- How Alyve Health is empowering the Health-First mindset
In Interview with Shashank Avadhani - Co-founder and CEO - Alyve Health

Can you share some brief on Alyve, what problem does it solve? 

Alyve Health is a single-destination platform for health plans. It allows members to access all their health benefits- availed through group plans or add-on personalized plans- in one place. The platform has gained popularity, with hundreds of groups and lacs of members availing of cashless or discounted healthcare journeys.

With Alyve Health, members no longer need to navigate multiple healthcare providers to access the health benefits that they are entitled to. Instead, they can access this on a single platform, including insurance, health check-ups, outpatient care, fitness, and preventive care. This not only saves time but also helps members make progress toward their health goals.

In what manner does Alyve Health collaborate with healthcare and insurance providers to produce personalized group health plans, and what sets this approach apart from existing options in the market?

Alyve Health collaborates with insurance and healthcare providers to co-create personalized group health plans that cater to the specific requirements of each group. Our distinguishing feature is that we can customize plans and programs for a group within minutes through our platform’s integration with over 25 healthcare and insurance networks. This facilitates easy access to various health benefits in a cashless or discounted manner, thereby enhancing healthcare accessibility and reducing financial strain on users within the group. Based on our experience with multiple groups, we have identified common needs and created standard plans like Alyve Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This enables us to offer a broad range of customer-centric healthcare services and become a one-stop platform for all healthcare requirements, ranging from prevention to treatment. With our platform’s agility in configuring personalized plans and our wide range of services, today we are proud to say we are the preferred destination for all healthcare needs, from prevention to cure..

Could you share some updates on how Alyve Health leverages technology to advance its healthcare approach?

At Alyve we aim to create a cohesive and easily accessible healthcare system for our members, which we accomplish by bringing healthcare services to their fingertips through our platform. In addition to enabling convenient access to healthcare, our platform coordinates care to provide our members with the best possible healthcare experience. This encompasses services such as doctor consultations, medication orders, and diagnostics, with all prescriptions and reports accessible on the platform for streamlined care. Furthermore, we prioritize providing our members with personalized healthcare experiences by guiding them toward their “next best action.” By merging coordinated care with personalized guidance, we aspire to enhance healthcare outcomes and deliver a seamless healthcare journey for our members.

What sets Alyve Health apart from other healthcare providers and insurance companies in the industry, and how does this benefit your clients?

At Alyve we place a high emphasis on maintaining an open architecture platform that grants members access to the full range of benefits provided by their group, in addition to any supplementary insurance plans or health benefits they may have purchased. This approach ensures that our platform is inclusive and operates seamlessly for all our members, irrespective of their group, insurer, broker, or agent. 

By prioritizing an open architecture platform, we guarantee that our members have access to a diverse range of healthcare benefits, improving their healthcare experience and outcomes. Moreover, our platform streamlines healthcare services by generating tasks based on the program selected, which may involve multiple experts such as nutritionists, habit coaches, and doctors. This approach ensures that our members receive comprehensive care that encompasses all facets of their health. 

The platform also incorporates gamification elements that reward healthy actions and promote healthy habits. The challenges, rules, and rewards within the platform can be customized to meet the unique needs and preferences of different groups, making it an enjoyable and interactive way for our members to prioritize their health. Through gamification, we aim to inspire our members to adopt healthy habits and make positive changes in their lives. 

Can you offer any recommendations to individuals and groups who want to enhance their health outcomes while minimizing healthcare expenses? 

At Alyve Health, our focus is on fostering a “health culture first” approach. This involves creating opportunities for our members to discuss and prioritize their mental, physical, and financial health. We offer both digital and physical health interventions to provide a comprehensive and holistic healthcare experience. To help our members achieve their health goals, we encourage them to define their objectives for the short term (30-60 days) and long term (1 year). We offer simple health subscription plans and affordable health benefits to help them get started. Additionally, we provide personalized outcome-based programs tailored to each member’s unique health pathway. We believe that health should be enjoyable and motivating, which is why we organize fun challenges and gamify healthy behaviors. This approach encourages members to adopt healthy habits and maintain them over time. Furthermore, we work with health role models, such as CEOs and CXOs, to promote a culture of health within the organization and inspire others to prioritize their health.

Share your future plans about your product features or any business expansion Plans.

We will continue to invest in building a comprehensive ecosystem and delivering a delightful product experience. To achieve this, we will develop intelligent nudge systems within our product journeys, which will help members take specific actions to get closer to achieving their health goals.

Furthermore, we will invest in building our brand as a trusted destination for all healthcare journeys of our members. This will require us to recruit and develop the most talented teams across various functions and levels.