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Man Sets E-bike Ablaze After it Runs Out of Battery
Prithviraj told that he had been facing multiple problems with the e-bike ever since he had bought vehicle in January this year.

The main news about electric vehicles is mainly about them catching fire just out of the blue. But this time, a man from the Southern state of Tamil Nadu, near the town of Ambur, set his electric bike ablaze by pouring petrol all over it and lighting it up after the bike ran out of charge even though he travelled less than 60 kilometres on it.

The man even took to Twitter to complain about his faulty purchase.

Prithviraj Gopinathan was the man who purchased the S1 Pro had said that he was informed that the bike can run for 180 km on full charge. Once the bike stopped running in the middle of the highway, he called for assistance. He asked them if he could leave the bike there for the company to come and pick it up. But Ola told him to wait there for a while as they send someone. They then called him and told him that they can only get someone to tend to the bike by evening time.

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Mr. Gopinathan even said that the bike he purchased back in January has been facing issues since then.

On April, the 26th, the man travelled to the Gudiyatham RTO instead of the one in Ambur, his native town to register his newly bought electric bike.

While returning home, making the 30 something km journey, after travelling close to 60km, the bike broke down, leaving him stranded in the middle of the highway under the searing summer heat.

Even though he asked if the company could come pick it up, they said that the technician can only arrived by 5pm. This would naturally make anyone angry.

He then told his assistant to come to his location with 2 litres of petrol. He then downed it all over his vehicle and set it ablaze.

He said that soon after he uploaded his video on social media, he got a call from the company as they asked him not to go to the media and not be interviewed about his actions. They also promised that he would be given a replacement vehicle at the earliest. He told him in a brutal manner that his relations with the company is now dead after he burnt his bike to a crisp. He said that company will however send him a replacement vehicle to his clinic by the end of the day.