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Man’s innovative delivery cart impresses Anand Mahindra
The man can be seen wearing helmet while driving the customized vehicle

Milkman made 'Formula 1' racing car with jugaad, Anand Mahindra expressed  his desire to meet - The Times of News

Image: The Times of News

If there ever was an Oscar for innovative ‘jugaads’, Indians would not only win the award but also all the nominations. From turning cars into a ‘helicopter’ to making hairdryers out of pressure cookers, Indians can do almost anything.

And this milkman’s innovative three-wheel ‘go-kart’ is yet another proof of the fact. The video featuring this milkman’s special go-kart has been making waves online and has even caught the attention of business tycoon Anand Mahindra.

Posting the video online, a Twitter user going by the name Roads of Mumbai, jokingly called the video a result of being torn between the choice of pursuing a career in F1 or helping in the family dairy business.



Indian business tycoon Anand Mahindra has shared the video on his Twitter handle, where a milkman can be seen carrying his big milk cans in a three-wheeler, resembling a racing car. The man can be seen wearing a helmet while driving the customized vehicle.

“I’m not sure his vehicle meets road regulations, but I hope his passion for wheels remains unregulated…This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long while. I want to meet this road warrior…,” the caption of the tweet reads.

In the past, Mahindra has helped nurture the dreams of many who have had such ingenious ideas. People wondered whether Mahindra will try to do the same this time as well.

Many commented that as Mahindra also has Mahindra Racing, a motor racing team competing in the electric FIA Formula E Championship will there come a time when such innovative designs will be included.

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Moving beyond racing cars, the vehicle also reminded many of Batmobile and wondered if that was the man’s inspiration. Although it’s unclear where the video originates from, a few commenters have said the video is from Uttar Pradesh.




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