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Marathon BTC mining pool won’t filter transactions anymore!

Recently Marathon BTC mining pool has announced that they won’t filter transactions anymore. The company said that they are adopting the latest codebase offered by BTC core developers and are also adopting the taproot features. This will mean it will work on increased privacy and improve the factors that are related to transactions. This is a great thing for the company, Bitcoin, and users.

Taproot activation is coming soon!

The Taproot that Marathon plans to implement hasn’t been activated yet. They have been conducting a trial regarding the same after the activation was started on May 1. Taproot activation signals have been increasing quite significantly as the difficulty changes have been implemented. More than 95% of miners want the same. So, this new soft fork will be implemented at a block height of 709,632.  Marathon says that they are a “supportive member of the Bitcoin community.” And this is just their vision of BTC.

Marathon BTC mining pool

Marathon BTC mining pool

They are in the mining business since 2020, and in December, they purchased 70k Antminer S19 Bitcoin miners from Bitmain for $170 million. They have also announced expansion news and are planning to build a new mining farm in Texas. Until now, the company was mining KYC/OFAC compliant transactions only. But now, that will be changed as they will stop filtering transactions. The company says that they have adopted the core version of Bitcoin.

Marathon says that they are dedicated to the community and are planning to include decentralization, inclusion, and zero censorship. So, from now they will mine transactions like anyone else using a standard node.

What are your thoughts on the addition of taproot support for Bitcoin mining? And do you think that this is how every mining company should operate? Let us known in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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