Location & Time Based Reminders on MarkO !


Forgot to buy milk at the grocery store today? Forgot to buy flowers for your girlfriend? Do you hate forgetting stuff?

You can write those things in a single list, but when it comes to remembering that stuff, the whole burden shifts to your shoulders. That is when MarkO is needed: Your, own, personal reminders assistant that will remember things for you.

Launched in November, 2014, by a team of dedicated young enthusiasts, MarkO reminds people about their most important stuff during the day. If you set a reminder saying “Buy milk” and the next time you pass near a store, MarkO shoots a friendly reminder. It sends location based reminders every time near the places where you need to be reminded are passed by. All you need to do is choose a specific place or place category.

Your reminders can also be shared with your loved ones through chat apps and they can help you out with your tasks, meetings and errands.

MarkO received their first investment from Rockstart Accelerator from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and since then the team works there to make MarkO even bigger and better.

In the new version of MarkO time reminders, location based reminders, or both can be set. They also, completely redesigned the sharing experience. Now MarkO reminders can be shared with everyone over the popular chat applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Slack, BBM, Line, Kakao Talk, etc. Sharing feature allows users to know what task their friends are doing and schedule them together with their friends,

In India MarkO will compete with Remind’em , an app that does location based, time based and subscription based reminders. Remind’em specifically allows users to set reminders for others as well.

MarkO app is currently available on Android. The company soon plans to make this app available on iOS as well as web. The app also allows you to use pictures of things that you want to be reminded for and use them for setting up your reminders.

“MarkO helps you to stay on top of your tasks and obligations, rather than keeping track on things, struggling to keep overview or fearing to forget things. We won’t let your memory be an excuse for not getting things done. With MarkO’s intelligent, hassle and input free reminders your mind stays free and productive for the important things.” says team member Katerina Krlevska.