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Reminders At The Right Place At The Right Time Through Remind’em


A lot of times, we come across situations where we need to remind others about something at a particular time. For example, you might need to remind your friend to leave office at a specific time to reach a party at the right time. And how do you think is the best way to do that ? Call / message that friend at that time ? But what if you get caught up with some work and forget to call your friend ? So you need to set an alarm for yourself to call that friend ! Now doesn’t that just seem like too long a process !


Vivek & Jatin – CoFounders at Remind’em


Surprisingly in a world with so many mobile apps mushrooming each day, not many seem to have thought about this problem. Not many except Remind’em. Remind’em is a creation of three friends Jatin Bajaj, Vivek Bhargav and a friend the team refers to as The Super Man ! The team started working on the product a year ago and an Android version of the product was launched on 21st Feb 2015.


[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=”600″]Remind’em is an app that lets you set an alarm in others’ phones and works by phone numbers just like whatsapp does. For anything you wish anyone else to remember, you can simply open your phone and set up a reminder for that person.The app allows you to set three kind of reminders namely time based, location based and subscription based.[/box]

1. Time based reminders can be set to remind a person at a particular time. (For example Doctors are using this app to set reminders to take medicines for their patients.)

2. Location based reminders can be set to remind a person when in a particular location.(For example A reminder to pick up groceries once you are in the area of the grocery store.)

3. Subscription based reminders allow a person to subscribe to a particular topic and get all reminders for that particular topic. (For example students can subscribe to College Exams as a topic and will get all reminders about the date, time and place of exams etc )


The app has found a large number of use cases. The app is being heavily used by a number of users who are using it for their personal use. However, the subscription based model of the app has been a huge hit with organizations, event managers as well as services professionals. A number of schools and colleges have been using these subscription based reminder to set reminders for students as well as parents. The app has also been used for event reminders by some very well known events in the country (eg Brahmaputra Valley film Festival recently used this app to keep all stakeholders updated.)

Team remind’em has already found a number of use cases where the app can be used. The company is now focusing on some of these use cases to further build capabilities.The company is also currently planning to focus on the Android app and build all capabilities on the Android app before moving on to iOS.

The idea surely is new and innovative and will go on to find a large number of use cases. Team Remind’em will surely discover more use cases depending on the usage trends of the app.  The product is definitely a strong one. The success of the app will now depend on how the company markets itself on a commercial scale.



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