Match Group Matches with Deadline: Russia Left Swiped Out of Tinder by June 30th

Match Group, which owns popular dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and PlentyOfFish, has decided to exit the Russian market by June 30th. The reason cited for the exit is the need to protect human rights. This move follows the footsteps of other Western digital service providers like Spotify and Netflix, which withdrew from Russia after the country’s military intervention in Ukraine in February 2022.

Although Match has not made many public statements about its Russian operations, it did mention the negative impacts on its European business in March 2022. However, the company has not provided any additional comments on the matter.

“We are committed to protecting human rights,” Match claimed in an annual impact report published on Monday. “Our brands are taking steps to restrict access to their services in Russia and will complete their withdrawal from the Russian market by June 30, 2023.”

One of Match’s shareholders, Friends Fiduciary Corp, has applauded Match Group’s decision to exit Russia by June 30th, citing it as an example for other companies to follow. The company has made it clear that its decision was based on the need to protect human rights, especially considering the risks faced by the Ukrainian people.

Match Group’s exit from Russia, A positive step in promoting responsible business practices that prioritize human rights

Interestingly, the decision comes amid growing concerns about the use of dating apps for human trafficking purposes. In September, the European police agency Europol raised the alarm about online platforms being “hijacked” by individuals for such purposes, with dating apps among them. The report highlighted the plight of Ukrainian refugees at a high risk of being targeted for human trafficking.

Match Group’s exit from Russia serves as a positive step in the right direction toward promoting responsible business practices that prioritize human rights. The company has set a precedent that others can follow in taking similar actions to protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation on their platforms.

Match Group Matches with Deadline: Russia Left Swiped Out of Tinder by June 30th
Credit: The New Daily

According to Reuters, Jeff Perkins, who serves as the executive director at Friends Fiduciary, stated that a company that relies on trust has a valid justification for exiting Russia. “It’s not a good look for a trusted brand to be continuing operations in a nation where the head of state has been indicted by the International Criminal Court.”

The International Criminal Court (ICC) made headlines on March 17, 2023, by issuing an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin. The charges against him accused him of committing a war crime by orchestrating the illegal deportation of hundreds of children from Ukraine.

Russian Government’s Reaction to ICC Warrant, Swipe Left on Accountability or a Match with Tinder?

However, Russia has vehemently denied committing war crimes, including the forced deportation of children from Ukraine. Moscow has also dismissed the ICC’s decision, arguing that Russia is not a member of the ICC, making the warrant effectively meaningless.

This development has caused quite a stir globally, with many international leaders and human rights organizations calling for a thorough investigation into the allegations. The ICC’s move has also raised questions about the role of international law and its effectiveness in holding leaders accountable for their actions, especially when powerful countries like Russia do not recognize the authority of international bodies such as the ICC.

It remains to be seen how this situation will play out, but one thing is clear – the allegations against Putin and Russia are severe and must be addressed fairly and justly. The world will watch closely as this story develops and unfolds over the coming days and weeks.

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