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MediaMonks to Launch New Studio in New Delhi with Support from Epic Games

MediaMonks to Launch New Studio in New Delhi with Support from Epic Games


MediaMonks, a global team that is reinventing the use of game software to harness the power of data and technology to fuel and inform creative content by bringing together the best of the world’s best game developers, game designers, and game publishers. MediaMonks has been awarded the Epic MegaGrant, which will explore the next frontier of automated tabletop production by using the latest gaming technology, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, to build a global gaming studio in New Delhi, India. From an artistic point of view, we see this as an opportunity to combine the creativity of technology with the strong stories that drive the industry to create better content. Although we have already worked on several large-scale projects with this technology, it is time for passionate creatives to become part of this next decade of filmmaking.

We harness the power of new technologies to make progress and eliminate disruption, with a keen eye for creativity and storytelling. To translate these ideas into tangible results, the Monks India team has developed and repeated the Unreal Engine and is working particularly hard in virtual reality.

MediaMonks is thrilled to have received this support, further upsetting the innovation industry. The benefits go beyond the production of creatives, and that in a time of social distancing.

MediaMonks has set out to automate this age-old process by using the Unreal Engine to maximize the quality, speed, and efficiency of ad production through innovation. With MegaGrant and Epic Games, our team has developed an innovative approach to implementing the Epic Engine for the CPG industry. This allows their artists to digitally swap assets and create multiple versions of the same product without shooting physical assets.

Their goal is to apply these insights to other industries such as food and beverages, retail, health and wellness, and entertainment. A source added: “That the companies will analyze the results and determine how to use the Unreal engine in the most efficient way possible”. The 3D objects can be ported to a variety of other touchpoints, including mobile phones, tablets, web devices, mobile phones, and other mobile devices, making the process much more efficient and cost-effective – effective for our customers.

The studio will come equipped with state-of-the-art tracking sensors and live tracking cameras to push the filming with the unreal engine to the next level. More details on the studio will be revealed soon.



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