Meme Coin Set To Help Other Projects Raise Capital

Even with the broader crypto market plummeting over the last several months, the crowd’s loyalty to meme coins is alive and well. As they evolve, many meme-like projects use ‘memeification to spark the interest of the casual crypto observer while quietly adding a fundamental mission to their project as they go, surprising the broader crypto community with ideas that make an impact.

Yasha is on that path. The logo for the Yasha token is half-demon, half dog, and teases the ideas that crypto enthusiasts are used to when it comes to meme coins. Yet, Yasha does have a broader goal.

The goal is to support projects that might fly under the radar. Let’s face it. Meme coins are called just that because, at least initially, they don’t plan to offer fundamental value. That means anybody in the crypto community looking to launch their own project won’t get pools of wealthy investors or venture capitalists to invest in their ideas.

The Community Behind the Cause

There is elegance and simplicity. While many of the top projects in cryptocurrency boast lengthy and super technical whitepapers explaining the ideas they hope to turn into reality, Yasha’s whitepaper explains all the details you need to know in just two pages. The roadmap is visually clear and outlines every little milestone in simple terms.

It features simple language and clearly defined goals, appealing to the masses of crypto enthusiasts that might just want to dabble into something that will drive innovation without being too technical or convoluted.

Yasha Is Turning into an Entire Robust Ecosystem

Many meme coins launching nowadays are creating their brands around the original meme coin that everyone knows and loves. That’s Dogecoin. Now there are all kinds of Dogecoin spinoffs living on different blockchains and promising to go to the moon.

The difference in meme coins launching today versus when Dogecoin launched many years ago is that other memes try to serve a greater purpose, like donating to charity for instance.

Yasha hopes to not only do that, it also wants to fund projects that deserve an opportunity. Anybody that holds Yasha tokens can vote on projects that deserve funding. The best part is that the founders of Yasha are not stopping at just trying to pump their coins because of sound marketing or charitable donations. They are putting actual platforms behind their idea to fund projects and thus building out an entire ecosystem.

Yasha Is Shaping up to Be the Meme Coin That Makes a Difference within the Crypto Community

Yasha now offers three different platforms within its ecosystem that will help drive both the ideation and fundraising processes that need to take place for a meme project to get off the ground.

First, there is YashaPad. YashaPad is promoted as the next generation of launchpads offering users the opportunity to invest in meme projects at ground zero. All projects featured on the launchpad are given careful consideration before they are promoted to the community.

Anybody that has a great idea but has no clue where to get started can take advantage of the Yasha Incubator. The incubator assists development teams looking to bring their games, protocols, and meme projects to the crypto market.

Last but not least, there is YashaDAO. Decentralized autonomous organizations have become all the rage in the crypto community, especially over the last year. YashaDAO is the voting mechanism that Yasha holders will use to cast their votes, not only concerning which projects should receive funding, but also regarding other community-related decisions that need to be made.

With all of these developments rapidly evolving, Yasha is setting up to help the crypto community launch the next great meme coin.