iPhone 13 memes

Memes flock in as the excitement over iPhone 13 surges.

If Apple is determined to go by their customary schedule, soon enough we will be introduced to a new iPhone. Although there isn’t any concrete base to support the release of a new iPhone, the rumors and speculations are in full swing. After all, there is no better way to while away time than making use of our guesswork department. Although the majority of the rumors revolving around the iPhone 13 have been quite uninteresting, there has been one that has successfully managed to pique the interest of people. Ming-Chi Kuo, the well-known Apple analyst has come forward with a rather interesting claim stating that the new iPhone 13 might have the inbuilt ability to make satellite calls! If this is true, then the newest addition to the rather long line is about to make its appearance with some brilliance and grandeur.

Either, Ming-Chi Kuo was really bored or he is actually right. Let us leave it to time to solve the puzzle.

Responses on Twitter

Ever since the satellite rumor surfaced, Twitterati has no time to spare as the speculation and discussions are gaining momentum. After all, there is no better place for such rumors to take root than Twitter. And quite unsurprisingly, the excitement and speculation have transfigured into hilarious memes. Soon enough, iPhone 13 entered the trending list on Twitter with a crowd of memes and responses. While some people are quite skeptical about this rather brilliant feature, others are rather optimistic. Only time will tell, whether optimism or realism will be rewarded in the long run. (I might bet for the realists). For now, we have a truckload of memes to divert our attention. Let us take a look at the long chain of rather hilarious memes and responses that sprang up as soon as the rumor surfaced.

Let us start with a dose of realism.

Well, at least they are adhering to the idea of uniformity.


Then, you might not want it at all.

Yes, everybody is equally realistic about the uniformity factor.

Talk about legends.

That meme was tailor-made for this situation.

That does make a lot of sense.

Hold them close.

A very wise decision with a lot of foresight.

Always stutter when there is nothing to utter.

Perhaps, Apple is going by the line “Consistency is the key to success.”

Talk about holding on to the past.

Nothing to see here. Just some absolutely normal scenes from daily life.