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Source: Hindustan Times

Meta is currently testing its new live-streaming platform for influencers
This new platform is reportedly called 'Super'

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Meta is currently testing its new live-streaming platform for influencers.
Source: Business Standard India

Reports this week suggest how Meta Platforms Inc is currently conducting tests of a new live-streaming outlet for influencers online, knows as ‘Super.’ Details specify that this particular platform would enable the influencers to host live streams, and generate earnings with these, along with the interacting with the viewers.

Various news outlets reporting on this development noted how the Facebook parent company has gone ahead to pay the influencers in the range of $200 to $3000 for the utilisation of the platform for a span of thirty minutes. About two years ago, towards the end of 2020, the company first started developing Super. Presently, the New Product Experimentation team of the social media giant is responsible for building the new platform.

The company reportedly contacted a vast number of creators, requesting them to give their new venture a try. Clearly, Meta is aiming for this platform to reach out to a wide community of influencers which would aid in maximising its profits as it re-enters the world of live streaming.

The specifics of the live streaming platform:

Sources confirmed that the particular functionalities of this venture are somewhat identical to that of Twitch’s. Presently, its test is being conducted with less than hundred creators, which includes TikTok personality Vienna Skye, along with technology influencer Andru Edwards. At the moment, it looks like to be working on tiered system.

In this, viewers are required to pay for accessing the features incorporated in this platform. Additionally, the viewers would also have the option to leave a tip for live streamers. Further, the reports show how the creators would able to take all of the tips left, along with the profits generated by means of this tiered system.

Some of the news outlets reached out to the company regarding a comment on this new project. A spokesperson from Meta Platforms stated how the ‘Super’ platform is a compact, ‘standalone’ trial which the company’s NPE- New Product Experimentation is building. They further confirmed how the team is presently conducting the test with a limited number of creators in the group.

Not long ago, the social media giant made the announcement about the suspension of live shopping component from October 1 this year. It noted its shifting focus on its TikTok inspired Reels section of Instagram and Facebook. Though users would have the ability to use Facebook Live for broadcasting live events, they would not have the provision to generate products playlists, or tag such products on their live streams on Facebook.