Meta AI scientist

Meta’s AI scientist suggests that ChatGPT is not so special

The rise in the popularity of the AI platform ChatGPT is being discussed all over Twitter and LinkedIn. The software developed by Open AI has taken the world by surprise; people who were not familiar with the field of Artificial Intelligence are now much aware of the scope it holds. The scope to make their jobs easier or maybe to take them away. The AI based chat bot is gained popularity during the pandemic and enabled people to work in multiple jobs at the same time. Students too started using the software to solve their test questions and do their homework. Software engineers at major firms used the platform to write their programming codes.


Concern surrounding ChatGPT:

With all these things still continuing into normal circumstances (post-pandemic), they became a major concern for employers and teachers. The employees were aware that the AI bot perform the same tasks as them with just a little assistance in much lesser time than what would take them. This led to them taking the platform’s assistance without putting it into their manager’s notice. In my last article, this particular situation has been discussed in much greater detail and I would recommend reading it before continuing on this page.

People’s Opinion:

After ChatGPT had grown in popularity, Microsoft invested in them. People who got to know about the platform were amazed to see its capabilities. The ability of the Open AI developed platform to give logical answers to most questions and to converse in a manner similar to humans gave people the wrong idea that the platform was more advanced than it should be at this time. ChatGPT even had Google worried about its AI plans, according to a report, the founders of the tech giant were looking to hasten their developments in the AI department after they were bothered by ChatGPT’s progress.

Expert’s Advice:

A professor at the New York University and the Chief AI scientist at Meta discussed the news running around about the AI platform’s unusually high working efficiency. Mr. Yann Lecun claimed that ChatGPT is not a revolutionary ‘product’, he said that the Microsoft backed AI company: Open AI is not any more developed than other AI research organizations. He thinks of it as a ‘product’ developed through the contribution of different people who have worked in the field of AI research. In the comment section of a tweet he made in January this year, he argued that he was not criticizing the work of the AI platform and was rather clarifying that the current mindset about ChatGPT being futuristic and a technological breakthrough were not right. In an interview, he claimed that ChatGPT was an exceptional product but OpenAI had taken a step towards product development and not necessarily towards the development of research on the concept that the product work on. LeCun was reportedly against the 6-month break period in AI testing that Elon Musk among other AI enthusiasts suggested.

OpenAI’s clarifications:

The AI lab that created one of the most used resources on the internet also clarified that ChatGPT might sometimes provide results that are different from what is expected of it. They have said that the there is a lot of work that needs to be put into the platform before it could work perfectly with all kinds of data.

OpenAI might also be investigated by the US FTC who are being asked to not only investigate but also to stop the commercial models of the company including ChatGPT.


As concluded in my last article, ChatGPT still has a lot of flaws and is not capable of replacing human workforce with its current functioning. However, with advancements in the field of technology, there is a possibility of a shift in the primary labor force of some jobs from humans to AI controlled machines. It is also to be noted that this shouldn’t be a matter of of concern for the future generations as AI’s are expected to bring a lot more jobs than what they are supposed to take away.