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Metaverse’s popularity brings in Sea Limited via AI gaming firm

The craze for Metaverse is off the charts right now. Companies like Samsung, H&M, and many others are getting started with the same via collaborations, store openings, and even hosting virtual events. And now, the latest tech giant that was brought in by Metaverse’s popularity is Sea Limited. They have taken part in an $8.5 million funding for an AI-based gaming firm, Refract. The company will be using the funds to develop wearable technology called AXIS with support for full-body motion capture.

Metaverse’s popularity brings in Sea Limited

Metaverse's popularity brings in Sea LimitedSea Limited’s presence in the Metaverse will be via Retract that is an AI gaming company. With the latest funding amount, Retract has already purchased a game developer, Deep dive Studios, that will help them in the development of games. Their current immersive game, titled FreeStriker Fighting game, is also in development. However, the main goal here is to complete the development of AXIS (wearable technology ) that would be showcased at the 2022 Global Esport Games.

It is important to note that Sea Limited has entered the Metaverse only as an investor. They have been making investments in various startups via their investment arm Sea Capital and gaming arm, Garena.

About Sea Limited

Sea Limited is a Singapore-based technology conglomerate. It was founded in 2009 as a holding company for Shopee, SeaMoney, Garena, and the Singapore Premier League football team Lion City Sailors FC. It employs over 33,000 people.

What makes Metaverse special?

With the Metaverse, there is no limitation of audience or space for companies. There are unlimited possibilities, and those who get started now will definitely have an early mover advantage. This is why we are seeing so many companies stepping into the same. It also brings insane opportunities for investors who could make large profits by investing in popular tokens.

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