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Microsoft announces ‘Loop’, a step towards company’s Fluid Framework

Microsoft loop

Source: The Verge

Microsoft, the Windows-maker has successfully beaten Tesla in regaining its position as the most valuable company in the world. Following that vision, the technology giant is constantly improving on bringing new technology and software to its devices. The latest one is Microsoft Loop.

Yes, Microsoft has recently announced Microsoft Loop, the latest step towards the company’s Fluid Framework. It is a new office collaboration app that is set to make our productivity more enhanced. Microsoft Loop is the company’s way to collaborate on specific content and data such as charts, excel sheets, dashboards etc., synchronised across multiple Office applications, according to a report by Engadget.

If you work in an office where collaborative work is the priority, like the team members are said to update the data in dashboards every day for their respective domains, will require team members to actively work simultaneously on the same dashboard charts to do the same. This collaborative work notion will be enhanced with Microsoft Loop.

As mentioned in multiple reports, only Microsoft 365 online apps had this collaborative workflow function that would allow team members to simultaneously update data that would appear instantly on the sheet across all synchronized applications. Microsoft loop is something Microsoft Office online, the future of collaborative workflow for Microsoft applications.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, Microsoft Loop is the company’s next step towards Fluid Framework with components called ‘Loop’ which Microsoft refers to as “atomic units of productivity”. Microsoft says that users can organize their components in Loop Pages with a new type of document that includes links and texts and files. So, in simple words, Loop will make it easier for you to catch up to what everyone in the team has been doing. It will help you track the progress of your teammates for a particular project that you’ all have been working on, react to others’ ideas and work together as a part of a shared goal.

Microsoft says that it will soon be sharing more details on Microsoft Loop in the coming months of 2022. The company will also begin to release Loop components on Microsoft apps like OneNote, Teams, Outlook and other Microsoft 365 applications, starting this month.

Now, there are several reports that are comparing Microsoft Loop to Google Wave and they are right on several levels, but Loop is a bit more focused on enhancing work productivity and for now, the idea of Microsoft Loop makes sense, but we will still have to test the new functionality before making any further comment.




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