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Microsoft Edge introduces tab grouping feature

Version 93 of Microsoft Edge reportedly has a brand new tab grouping feature, along with a number of other cool tools, such as new vacation planning and shopping options. The latest version was unveiled this month, even though the Tab grouping option has been available for a few months.

The change this time around is that while originally, the feature was available as an option that could be turned on manually through Edge’s browser settings, the same is now being rolled out to all users.

Microsoft Edge introduces tab grouping feature

Image Credits: Microsoft

Lesser Clutter and Better Organization

The tab grouping tool can be accessed by holding down the Ctrl key, while simultaneously left clicking on all the tabs that are you want to group together. Next, right click and select the “Add tabs to new group” option from the list, and voilà, you’re all set. You can also give specific names to all your tab groups, and clutter can be further minimized through the use of distinct colors, which also help make identification easier.

The tool appears to be quite a handy one, as it can allow users to keep their personal and professional tabs separate. The feature is already available on Safari and Google Chrome, and Edge happens to be the latest browser to introduce the same.

Shopping Buddy and Travel Planner

But that’s not all that’s new to Microsoft Edge this month, as the package also includes a couple of other features that might be of interest to users. One of these tools is a product reviews dropdown, which displays customer ratings and reviews for products while you are browsing or shopping. Another related tool is an express checkout feature, which can automatically enter your payment details and also try coupon codes while you proceed to checkout.

You might not even need to hire a travel planner or advisor if you plan on taking a trip to select locations within the United States, because Edge apparently has you covered. The browser is now smart enough to offer travel advice should it notice you booking flights to a few locations within the States.

And that’s not all, as Edge is even up for helping you book your flights. So, you can also expect it to remember your flight preferences from the past, and to help you zero in on the deal that’s best for you, as you browse through different booking sites.


Source: The Verge



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