Windows 11
Source; CNET

Microsoft is boosting Windows 11’s rollout pace

Windows 11

Microsoft has recently launched its latest iteration of Windows Operating System, Windows 11 which, by the way, looks absolutely stunning with the new look. After months of speculations on its minimum system requirements and so many discussions on the absolute requirement of the TPM version 2.0 chip, Windows 11 is finally here for everyone.

According to recent reports, Microsoft has officially announced to increase the pace of Windows 11 rollout to PCs that are already installed with the previous Windows 10. However, the system requirements will still be kept in mind by the company and only those PC systems running Windows 1p version 2004 or later will get the new Windows 11 upgrade option very soon.

Other than this, Microsoft has also mentioned during their announcement that they are not stopping updates for Windows 10. As there are several users who would still like not to upgrade from Windows 10, Microsoft will continue to offer them security updates, at least for the time being. The Windows-maker has also announced to be rolling the November 2021 update for the older Windows 10 Operating System starting today.

We all know the fate of Windows 10 as the newer iteration is readily available but Microsoft is not pulling the strings on the previous version just yet. There will be a lot of negative consequences if it does by practically compelling users to upgrade. The company is rolling out Windows 11 updates at their own pace to systems that are compatible with the upgrade. Also, if you are not aware, users can even go to the Microsoft website to manually download the Windows 11 Operating System using an ISO and other methods.

Windows 10 has been integral to enterprises and large organizations, and it is difficult for them to upgrade to the newer systems all at once. Thus, Microsoft will still continue with Windows 10 for now. Microsoft says that moving forward, they will move Windows 10 to a yearly feature update as mentioned in a report by Engadget.

Nevertheless, the company still does not recommend users to download Windows 11 on a system that does not meet the minimum requirements. It could slow their PCs down, putting their data at potential risk of loss. However, Microsoft will not roll out Windows 11 update on devices with an unsupported processor.

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