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Microsoft joins the list of bailed out companies for CES 2022 in Las Vegas due to COVID fears
Due to COVID worries, Microsoft has been added to the list of firms who have been bailed out for CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Microsoft joins the list of bailed out companies for CES 2022 in Las Vegas due to COVID fears

Microsoft joins the list of bailed out companies for CES 2022 in Las Vegas due to COVID fears
Image Credits: World Economic Forum

As the rising frequency of COVID-19 spooks exhibitors, Microsoft is the latest corporation to forego a physical presence at CES. It joins a growing list of prominent corporations that have decided to skip the world’s premier technology event.

Microsoft won’t be attending CES 2022

In an emailed statement, a Microsoft spokeswoman said, “After analyzing the latest statistics on the quickly shifting COVID environment, Microsoft has chosen not to participate in person at CES 2022.”

(Microsoft likes to notify event status changes this way, therefore the spokesman declined to disclose their name.) Instead, both the Microsoft Partner Innovation Experience and the Automotive Press Kit will have a digital presence.

Microsoft, which was scheduled to be a key exhibitor at the technology conference, has suddenly announced that it would not be attending. Lenovo, T-Mobile, Amazon, previously known as Facebook, GM, Intel, Twitter, and Google have all withdrawn due to COVID-19 concerns. As a new variety sweeps across the population, the illness has been quickly growing in prevalence in the United States.

CES organizers reiterated yesterday that the event will take on as planned, with evidence of vaccination, masks, and free quick testing. The Consumer Technology Association, which organizes the show, announced on Wednesday that 42 exhibitors had canceled.

What we know so far

The number of firms declaring they will skip CES 2022 in-person has accelerated in the last 24 hours, with major corporations like Intel and Google making announcements on Thursday afternoon. Despite a growing list of cancellations that includes exhibitors, marketers, and virtually every tech media company we can think of (including The Verge), the Consumer Technology Association, which organizes the event, insists it will continue to have in-person events.

The CTA said on Wednesday that it has received 42 exhibitor cancellations. It’s unknown that any of these names were included in that count, but three of the eight firms listed as highlighted exhibitors on the event’s main website have been removed as a result of today’s news. Samsung, Sony, and LG are among the noteworthy brands that have scheduled in-person demonstrations.


However, still, it’s been said that CES 2022 will be commencing in between the rising concerns of the virus, but it’s a sad reality that major tech giants like Google, Microsoft, for which usually the eye rolls are turned around, won’t be seen appearing this time.

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