Microsoft mandates complete vaccination for employees at US offices

Source: VentureBeat

Microsoft is one of the world’s largest technology companies and as we know, the bigger you get, the more responsible you have to be, the same applies here as well. Microsoft is known to serve the community with technology that makes their lives easy. Windows Operating System is an example of how Microsoft has opened windows for us to have a brighter future, pun intended!

Well, it is time for the world to get back to normal as companies and organizations around the globe are calling back employers and offering them work from home wherever possible and Microsoft is no different. As per reports, Microsoft announced that starting this September, it will require all of its employees, vendors, and visitors to show proof of vaccination in order to be allowed into its US offices.

It is being said that the ‘Big Tech’ is re-evaluating their opening up of offices as Covid-19 cases across the are increasing with the spread of Delta variant across the country. However, in order to be sure of everyone’s safety, the companies are mandatorily requiring vaccination proof from employees.

Furthermore, Facebook and Google along with other corporations took a firm stance on their vaccine policies that demand all of their United States-based employees be vaccinated before going back to their offices as 49 states in the US alone are facing a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Having said that, Microsoft is looking forward to employing a hybrid mode of workflow, with some employees working remotely while others working on-site in their offices after have shown proof of vaccination. Microsoft’s US office is tentatively set for reopening this October as the company pushed it from a month this week.

In addition to this, Both Facebook Inc. and Google have made it mandatory for their US employees to be fully vaccinated and wear masks in offices as well, that is when they return back to their offices, anticipated to reopen this October. All of this is in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, as much as possible!

CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview last week that the company will keep on reviewing the latest data based on which they will evaluate its return-to-work policies, meaning reopening of offices, as mentioned in a report by CNN.

Microsoft said, any employee having a medical condition or any protected reason for not getting vaccinated, can get special permission based on the company’s updated policies. Also, working parents who have children too young to be vaccinated can work from home until January 2021.

In conclusion, I think that it is a great step taken by established corporations like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Google, to keep everyone along with their employees safe and healthy that will eventually help the world get rid of COVID-19 once and for all, enabling us to move towards a better and a normal tomorrow.