Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft shares an 11-minute Windows start-up sounds mix ahead of Windows 11 launch

Microsoft Windows 11
Source: Techy Voice

Absolutely, 100% accurately and surprisingly, Microsoft is officially announcing the next generation of Windows Operating System on the 24th of June and they won’t let anyone forget the big event.

Microsoft has recently uploaded a sound mix of all Windows start-up sounds like a gentle reminder that Windows 11 is on its way (if they decide to call it that). The best to remind people about the launch of their next iteration of decades-old Windows Operating System is through a song.

Diving into the specifics, the song is a slow-fi mix of start-up sounds from Windows 95, the legendary Windows XP and Windows 7. As mentioned in the closed captions of the uploaded video, the mix is played at reduced speeds of 4,000 percent.

Slowing down the start-up sounds mix by 4,000% brings the length of the song to exactly 11 minutes, for obvious understandable reasons which I will still point out for our not-so-nerdy friends. The current version of Windows is called Windows 10 and the next iteration should be called Windows 11, so irrespective of whatever Microsoft chooses to call the new Operating System, it will remain Windows 11 as the next iteration. Thus, having the length of the song exactly 11 minutes is a clear indication that the company finds it the best way to remind people that Windows 11 is on its way on June 24th.

Other than this, the sounds play over a slideshow of desktops of each previous generations of Windows OS, the legacy and honestly, it feels old to be a part of Windows and Microsoft consumer base for so long. It is a gentle reminder of the legacy that the name “Windows OS” carries.

The slo-fi sound mix is something which no one will listen to after the first time, it sure is relaxing but it can put you to sleep. Slowing tunes down to 4,000% can bring out the meditative core of music and as mentioned by Engadget, the style is its own genre on SoundCloud.

You may not like it, but the idea and the execution behind that thought to remind people and get them excited about the new Windows 11 launch is perfect and makes it difficult to forget. Tiny nuances like the exact 11-minute length of the song brings a smirk on our faces and is overall intriguing that Microsoft is getting users so hyped up about the next generation of Windows.

Don’t forget to tune in on the 24th of June to have a preview of the next-generation Windows 11 or whatever they will call it.