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Microsoft Surface Go 3 refreshed to LTE connectivity support
The Microsoft Surface Go 3 has been updated to include LTE connection, checkout ot know more:

Microsoft Surface Go 3 refreshed to LTE connectivity support

Microsoft Surface Go 3 refreshed to LTE connectivity support
Image Credits: Verge

Microsoft has released new Surface Go 3 variants. The first is a new matte black hue, while the second is a Surface Go 3 with LTE connection, similar to what Microsoft did with the Surface Pro 8. This should increase the versatility of the Windows tablet.

Unfortunately, consumers looking for LTE connectivity will have to purchase the Surface Go 3 with an Intel Core i3 CPU because the Intel Pentium 6500Y variant isn’t available. As a result, the cost of admission is slightly greater than it would be otherwise.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 LTE – Specifications and Pricing

On the Microsoft Store, a Surface Go 3 with an Intel Core i3 CPU, LTE, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD costs $730 / £642 / AU$1,012. This is a bit pricey, especially if you already own a Surface Go gadget. Fortunately, the same combination is also available in the new matte black hue, allowing you to make use of all of the additional features.

If you’re just interested in the non-LTE Surface Go 3 with the new matte black colour scheme, the Intel Pentium 6500Y model starts at $550 / AU$763 / £484.

Though TechRadar gave the Surface Go 3 a mixed review, it has the potential to be a fantastic Android tablet thanks to a new feature that allows Android applications under Windows 11 to be downloaded through the Amazon app store.


One of the main reasons to buy a Surface device is that you’re getting a pristine version of Windows that you won’t get anywhere else until you construct your own computer. There is no bloatware in this installation; it is a plain and straightforward Windows 11 installation.

It’s something we’ve always admired about the Microsoft Surface series, and it’s something you shouldn’t take for granted at this price point.

Normally, when you buy a Windows laptop for this low a price, you’ll be swamped with a pile of worthless bloatware that will clutter your screen with pop-ups and adverts — it’ll be a pain to deal with, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the Windows 11 settings program.

Instead, the Surface Go 3 gives you a mostly blank canvas on which to customize how Windows works for you. After all, that’s Microsoft’s whole point, and it’s why Windows 11 is still as open as it is.

The type we’re looking at is the commercial variant, which comes with an unlocked version of Windows 11 Pro, allowing us to install whatever we want without having to deactivate anything.

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