Microsoft to implement Ethereum blockchain to stop piracy

For a company as large as Microsoft, implementing a system that can prevent piracy issues is a very big deal. A recent white paper published by Microsoft shows that they plan to implement the Ethereum blockchain. This will help them reduce and even prevent piracy altogether. They will save a lot of money and could see a significant rise in revenue due to this. At the same time, Ethereum will see more growth with the name Microsoft associated with it.

Microsoft integration with Ethereum blockchain


Ethereum blockchain has the potential to help Microsoft prevent piracy issues. The company has even planned the entire thing in the Windows 11 update that will be rolling out very soon. Microsoft has used the name Argus for this whole new implementation of the Ethereum blockchain. And it will even be Microsoft’s first attempt to prevent privacy. Before this, they never implemented anything to stop the huge piracy issues their operating system and apps go through.

Microsoft has said that the system will run on a private blockchain, giving anonymity to piracy informers and bringing transparency. This means if you inform someone or a device, your identity will be protected by Microsoft will be able to identify the pirated source.

Ethereum blockchain usage is rising

Image Source: Foxnews

Before Microsoft even announced that they are planning to implement a solution to prevent piracy, even the Maharashtrian government announced that they are going to use the same to validate diploma certificates. The use of blockchain tech is rising, showing that we are moving towards a new future. The blockchain era will simplify a lot of things and will also push forward innovation in a lot of areas.

Even the usage of blockchain to implement micro-loans is many countries is helping in the growth of a country’s economy. And many more countries are likelyto experiment with this. The technology will help in accessing and evaluating the profiles of individuals who may or may not qualify for a microloan, thus increasing the profitability of the banks.

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