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More than 1 billion people to own crypto by 2022 end says report

A recent report suggests that more than 1 billion people will own crypto by 2022 end. The report was published by the popular crypto company Crypto.com. It was founded in 2016 and has over 10 million users. So, that solidifies the validity of their report. The company stated that with the growing adoption of crypto, governments could no longer ignore this subject. And this could lead to friendly regulations that give crypto a breathing space and help it grow.

1 billion crypto hodlers

In 2021, the number of crypto users almost increased 3-fold from 106 million in January to 295 million in December. And in 2022, it is expected that the growth will happen even faster as we might break the 1 billion number. The start of this year for Bitcoin hasn’t been that good, but with nations no longer being able to ignore crypto, we can expect great things.

More than 1 billion people to own crypto by 2022 end says Crypto.com
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We can only reach this number if there is enough transparency for more people to consider crypto as an investment. Currently, there is a lot of uncertainty in the crypto industry. We are waiting for regulations in the US, India, and many other nations. And then there are rumors that Russia might be banning crypto. So, with such things happening, it is unlikely that 2022 will see a growth higher than 2021.

Hence, even Crypto.com said they expect nations to bring “clear legal and taxation frameworks” for crypto assets.

Countrywide adoption


El Salvador is the only country where Bitcoin is a legal tender right now. But with rising inflation rates and the falling value of the dollar, we can expect a lot more countries to adopt it. In fact, it has been confirmed that many countries are planning it. Max Keiser has confirmed in an interview that he knows for a fact which country will adopt Bitcoin next, but he can’t share it as its insider news. He also called for a fiat apocalypse in the next 10 years as US and China try to print their way out of the trillions of dollars in debt. All this is just going to make Bitcoin an unavoidable solution.

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