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mortgage lender UWM to accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments

Bitcoin adoption is escalating in the United States as UWM reveals plans to include crypto payments by year-end.

CEO Mat Ishbia recently announced that it intends to become the first national mortgage lender to include cryptography.

Detroit Free Press reports that acceptances of Bitcoin (BTC) payments are on the agenda before year end, according to the Michigan-based company.

Image Source: Cointelegraph

This is the scheme

Ishiba announced Bitcoin’s goal during a profit call for UWM’s financial results for the second quarter of Monday, adding that the Pontiac mortgage lender hopes to “really do so in front of everyone across the country.”

In the second quarter, the company saw record volumes of mortgages and a total mortgage of $59.2 billion.

“We walk ahead, but we definitely are a technology and innovation leader and always try to be the best and leader in everything we do,” UWM CEO wrote in an interview and revealed that UWM would gradually embrace crypto payments.

“I believe we begin with bitcoin, but we see Ethereum (ETH) and other people,” Ishbia told the Detroit Free Press also that one or more cryptocurrencies could start accepting this company later this quarter or in the fourth quarter of the year.


Cars and houses

“This is the scheme. There are obviously no guarantees – we still work through certain details. But absolutely,” said UWM CEO as Bitcoin ready to check out an important box on its U.S. adoption list.

However, not the only one who works through details is the powerful mortgage lender.

Just a few months after Tesla shocked the cryptographic area by suspending payments from Bitcoin, CEO Elon Musk has taunting the recent positive energy use trend as the key to re-opening the door.

In the meantime, their sleeves rolled up law and order.






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