Motorola showcases its Rizr Rollable Concept phone for MWC 2023
Motorola showcases its Rizr Rollable Concept phone for MWC 2023 Image Credits: CEOTECH

Motorola showcases its Rizr Rollable Concept phone for MWC 2023
Chinese giant, Motorola has showcased its new Rizr Rollable Concept phone for MWC 2023, do checkout:

There are many giants who have been participating in the recent MWC event held this year. In the list of these giants, we also have the Chinese giant, Motorola who has taken keen towards being part of the MWC event to showcase their future technology, and talking about future technologies, we have an update about Motorola Rizr which is actually a new rollable smartphone that has got the spotlight for this new MWC Event for this year.

So, what is this new Motorola Rizr phon all about? Is it really a great-looking rollable phone? Will Rollable phones be the next thing in the smartphone market, well, here we have got you covered with all the updates you need to know:

Motorola Rizr is the new rollable phone showcased for MWC 2023

If we go with a small flashback, we might already see a lot of new conceptual phones being showcased by many smartphone markers. Talking about the conceptual phones, previously we got to see the flippable, foldable, and even slidable phones flip and fold phones have now already made their emergence in the market while slidable phones still remain a concept and probably after getting thumbs for mass production, we might see a new slidable phone too. But, here Motorola has gone up ahead to showcase their concept of the rollable phone which is quite similar to the slidable phone only. Here we have got you covered with a small brief about the specification details.

Talking about the smartphone’ the main focus has been given to the smartphone’s display where you will be getting a 5-inch POLED panel which will be coming with support for a 15:9 aspect ration and also you will be able to unfold the display just by pressing the smartphones’ device button twice and if you happen to open the rollable phone, here the 5-inch panel will get expanded to an even bigger 6.5-inch pane thus supporting a bigger aspect ration of 22:9.

Motorola has given sturdier mechanics to the phone which will be helping towards expanding the display in just 3 seconds and then the UI in the phone will also simultaneously adapting to the expanded display too.

When you double touch once again, the showcase will slide down to reveal the speaker grille and forward-facing camera. Motorola Rizr Comes with a Variety of Useful Covers The rollable display of the Rizr provides intriguing applications. For instance, the phone will recognize if you are watching a YouTube video in even mode and will automatically adjust the presentation to fit the aspect ratio. In essence, the phone has the ability to expand its presence to provide more room for the console, such as while writing an email on Gmail.

Will it ever launch in the market?

The compelling smartphone that Motorola has developed and the use cases it has shown off highlight the benefits of a rollable form factor.

Even if the phone comes with a cover to protect it, the issue of how durable it is still coming up. What happens if the presentation is enlarged and the phone drops? Is the device resistant to water and residue? Similar to the first-generation foldable, the main difficulties here are toughness and sturdiness.

Since Motorola has no plans to distribute the Rizr to the general public, these questions will be given some leeway to be answered. These prototype devices provide a glimpse into the future, and Motorola may adopt this idea after it has made significant progress.