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MultiLiving secured $6M from Lodha Ventures

MultiLiving, a real estate platform, has now revealed that it has secured funding of $6 million from the Lodha Ventures, the investment arm of the Mumbai based property developer Mangal Prabhat Lodha Family.

Abhinandan Lodha from the Lodha Ventures joins the board of advisors of the MultiLiving. Set up by the Pankaj Singh last year, MultiLiving will go live in Mumbai with the help of this funding.

Pankaj Singh, CEO, and Founder of MultiLiving, said,

“Life of an urban professional is extremely hectic and the stress of finding and managing a home simply adds up to the burden. MultiLiving is an advanced way of owning and renting out a flat where we take care of everything involved in this space so that individuals can reclaim their time and focus on what truly matters.”

Pankaj adds, “All our apartments are carefully selected in the niche societies and gated communities. We carefully screen every potential tenant who will love and take care of the home like it was their own. However, the final decision stays with the owner.”



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