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Mural a Visual Collaboration startup raises $118 million in Series B round

Recently, Mural, a Visual collaboration startup, has conducted a Series B funding round. And it successfully raised $118 million in the financing round. The recent funding was led by Insight Partners and joined by Slack’s corporate venture fund, Tiger global, world innovation lab and Tiger Global. Some tech notables like Allison Pickens also joined the round.

Mural’s progress in the past 1 year

In 2019 the company reported that it also raised $23 million in a Series A round. Well, the company was never doing lousy per se, but it has made a lot of progress since the last year. Using the funding, it has received, it has expanded it’s business a lot. In 2019 according to some reports, there were over 100,000 monthly active users.

Mural a Visual Collaboration
Image Source: Mural

Since then the company has made a lot of progress despite the COVID-19 pandemic. It aims to use the Series B funding to expand globally and work on its products. As the startup works with consultants, its main focus is to increase its network reach. Actually, the COVID-19 situation has helped in the progress of the company. Everything from remote working and increased demand adds up to its success.

The investors of the company also think that there is a much larger market that Mural can capture. This has led to the vast Series B funding that they received.

Mural’s take on COVID-19 situation fading slowly

Mural a Visual Collaboration
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Mural has a very different insight/view on the situation of the pandemic. According to Mariano Suarez-Battan, a user/client who has conducted an event online much more efficiently and frequently will not go back to the traditional offline ways even if the COVID situation passes.

They have huge growth potential and money(now) to make a mark in the market. Let’s see the heights that this startup can achieve in the future.

We must say that almost every startup is taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation. Mural a visual collaboration startup is just one of them.

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