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Murder of Ola Cabs’ Founder Relatives: One gets life term
After six years, the case has finally been closed

Six years have passed since the ghastly murders of the founder of Ola cabs, Bhavish Aggarwal’s grandmother and aunt, and the murderer has finally been found and proven guilty of his inhumane actions. The Ludhiana court has sentenced him to imprisonment for life.

On the 29th of January, six years ago, Mr. Aggarwal’s paternal grandmother and aunt were ruthlessly killed with their home located in their native town of Ludhiana.

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After long rounds of investigations and multiple people being questioned, the police force finally took into custody, Sukhpal Singh, informally known as Bagga who is also from the Ludhiana area. He used to be employed to the family, working as their driver.

According to official documents, the murderer took off with various things from the house like wallets, purses, jewellery, and other valuables.

The court said, that the swift work done by the police, forensics authorities and everyone involved in solving the murder not only helped them in figuring out the killer but also, they have been able to recreate the day in chronological order.

According to the court, the two victims were deliberately murdered in a grisly fashion not before sustaining many injuries by sharp instruments and a hammer. The murder, has now confessed to his actions in court.

Many items relating to the case were also uncovered, namely the knife used in the murder, multiple purses, some jewellery and even some clothing which were stained by the blood of the innocent victims.

The trial has been concluded, and the murderer has been penalised with Rs. 2 lakhs and sentenced to life imprisonment with rigorous imprisonment for violating various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

The murderer’s attorney did appeal to waive off the fine and punish him with a bit more of a lenient punishment owing to the fact that he is a poor man with a family; a family where he is the sole breadwinner. Those pleas fell in deaf ears as the court said that the entire objective of their decision is so the accused does not go unpunished and that justice is brought to the victims and their family.

They went to say the he had committed the gruesome act on two women who posed no harm to him at all. But at the same, they felt that capital punishment was a little to far as he described India as a ‘civilized society’ and it should be done in very extreme cases.