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Mythic +15 Keys: Getting Them Fast
Mythic +15 keys are a sought-after loot in WoW: We’ll share some tips on getting them really fast.

Mythic Difficulty? Not a Problem!

Mythic +15 is the toughest difficulty mode in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. It comes into play when you try to beat the dungeon challenge, in which a 5-player party can participate.

Mythic+ adds some spice to this adventure, as it’s an extra mode added to the Normal and Heroic difficulties. Things get only harder when you realize that there’s a time limit to beat each dungeon.

Mythic+ scales up each time you complete the challenge. All in all, there are 15 difficulty levels. And the next one is always harder than the previous one. For example, Mythic+ 7 is way tougher than Mythic+ 3, and so forth. Sounds like a lot of hassle.

Why Is Mythic+ Worth it?

So why take so much trouble? What can this insane grinding can p[possibly reward you with? 

The trick is that the loot you obtain from raiding this Mythic dungeon is extra premium. Basically, you will earn epic gear available at the highest iLvl possible. And there’s no other way to get it. (Except for raiding).

All in all, your Mythic grinding odyssey will take you to 8 dungeons:

  • Plaguefall. Lvl 60. Here you will encounter Margrave Stradama.
  • De Other Side. Lvl 60. Here you’ll deal with haunted Urns and a dark deity named Mueh’zala.
  • Theater of Pain. Lvl 60. Necrolord Banners and Mordretha await you.
  • Sanguine Depths. Lvl 60. General Kaal is a tough opponent.
  • The Necrotic Wake. Lvl 50. Your main enemy is the lich Nalthor who commands frozen magic.
  • Hells of Atonement. Lvl 58. Lord Chamberlain has hoarded too much anima to go down that easy.
  • Spires of Ascension. Lvl 60. Its keeper, Devos, is believed to be guided by the darkest forces.

In general, it takes one hour to beat the dungeon for a regular team. And sometimes you can hardly rely upon your party-fellows: they may lack experience, skill, motivation, or time to stick to such an ambitious campaign.

Request Help

Taking a pro team to a Mythic raid with you is a good idea. Why? Well, here are a few reasons:

  • Time. Averagely, it takes just 35 minutes to beat a dungeon.
  • Trophies. In the end, you’ll conquer 226 ilvl gear. And if you beat 10 dungeons in a row during a week, their variety will dramatically increase — a chance to snatch something truly epic.
  • Conduit. In the end of a dungeon chest, you can also find a Potency Conduit, Anima, etc.
  • No experience. You don’t need to be a top-tier player who survived a hundred dungeons or so. Our team takes care of everything + provides keystones if necessary.

The only requirements are:

  1. Your level is 60.
  2. Gear level is 190.
  3. You need to participate in the raid personally: we don’t take your account’s personal data and can’t play for you.

As for the rest, we guarantee that beating the toughest side-quest in Shadowlands will be easier than a walk on Durator’s Echo Islands.

Let’s Go Mythic Gamers!

Professionalism, dedication, lots of fun, and extremely valuable loot — that’s what you get for investing in our package. Request your raid team right now! 




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