Delhi EV Parking catches fire in Jamia Nagar: Nearly 100 vehicles gutted

Nearly 100 vehicles caught fire in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar at EV parking lot

Around 100 vehicles which include two-wheelers and cars caught fire in Delhi Jamia Nagar at the EV parking lot. The massive fire broke by damaging the vehicles located in the parking lot, and nearby vehicles. It is said that nearly ten cars, one motorcycle, two scooters, 50 old -rickshaws, and 30 new e-rickshaws were damaged in the process.

Delhi EV Parking catches fire in Jamia Nagar: Nearly 100 vehicles gutted
Image credits- The Financial Express

Around 11 tenders from the fire-brigade team rushed to the location to control the fire. The parking manager was also present at the place where the fire broke. No casualties have been reported till now according to various news reports. CNBC said the incident was an inferno because of the massive fire.

The cause of the fire is not determined yet. However, amid the ongoing fire accidents with electric two-wheelers in the country, some claim the reason to be electric vehicles. Especially as the reason for the recent Ola Electric fires came out to be that those vehicles did not have batteries that were tested in Indian weather. Other EV owners are also facing the same issues. In March and April, at least eight incidents were officially reported from various parts of the country. Among these 40 of them were Jitendra Electric Vehicles. Their vehicles caught fire in a transport container in Nashik.

Massive fire-break

Atul Garg, Director of Delhi Fire Service, said that a call regarding a fire incident in main Tikona Park in the Jamia Nagar area was received at around 5 am in the morning. The fire is now under control.

The investigation for the cause of the fires is still going on. However the location being an EV charging point, many criticisms are surfacing. It is to be noted that the top EV player in the global market, Tesla isn’t launching its vehicles in India. While the Indian government is imposing high taxes on the vehicles being imported into the country. They are also pushing local manufacturing. The recent events only prove how different the Indian market can be and how vehicle manufacturers need to consider that. Despite the actual reason behind the fire today, it is essential that automakers entering the Indian market will face tough challenges to keep up. As customers are inclined to believe that EVs may not be suitable for the Indian climate.

For now, there is no information on the vehicles that caught fire as well. While most of them seem to be fuel-powered vehicles, there are a few electric rickshaws.