Need More Cash? Discover If You Can Get More Than One Payday Loans At Once.

Are you still having cash troubles after getting a payday loan and wondering if you can get more? Discover how you can get more funding today!

Running out of funds is never easy. If one payday loan is not enough, you may need another. Check out for more information on payday loans. 

4 Reasons Why You Might Want Another Payday Loan

  • Insufficient Funds. Your last payday loan was not big enough to remedy all your cash needs, and now you need to borrow more.
  • Another Emergency. You need a new loan for a new cash emergency.
  • Debt Consolidation. You want to get a bigger payday loan to settle your smaller loans.
  • Extravagant Spending. You want to use your new payday loans to go on a shopping spree, vacation, or another unnecessary expense.

The Legality of Getting More Than One Payday Loan

Different states have different limits to the number of loans a borrower can have at once. Check your local and state laws to learn what you can and cannot do within your state.

There are also laws against getting a payday loan outside the state you live in. There may be exceptions for,

  • US citizens who live in another state semi-permanently for work purposes
  • US citizens with registered properties in another state

5 Factors Considered on an Additional Loan

#1. The Number of Loans You Currently Have

You can more likely get approval on a second loan application rather than a third. Having more standing loans decreases your chances of getting another loan. Lenders frown on the idea of juggling too many loans due to the heightened risk of default.

#2. The Percent of the Debts You Have Already Paid Off

Having many loans may not be as much of a hindrance to getting another loan if you are already close to paying them off. Good history of payment may even help increase your chances of getting new loan approval.

#3. The Interval Between Loan Applications

Lenders, in general, dislike consecutive borrowing. Borrowing too soon can send the message that you are not ahead of your finances and struggling to pay.

#4. The Purpose for the New Loan

Some lenders consider a borrower’s purpose for borrowing the loan. Proof that you need it for a dire emergency can help your chances of getting another loan. Saying you want the loan for a weekend vacation in another state may not help as much.

#5. The Debt-Income Ratio

f you can prove that you have the income to pay for another loan, you may get approval easier. Lenders have varying standards on the debt-income ratio, using credit checks. Learn how do credit checks work and increase your chances of getting a payday loan today!

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