Netflix Boss Fight Entertainment

Netflix Acquires Mobile Game Developer Boss Fight Entertainment

According to The New York Times, Netflix announced it has acquired a third video game studio from mobile game developer Boss Fight Entertainment. The acquisition is Netflix’s second acquisition of the game studio this month, following Netflix’s acquisition of Finnish game studio Next Games for approximately $72 million. Netflix acquires Boss Fight Entertainment, a Texas-based game developer specializing in mobile games for iOS and Android.

Netflix Boss Fight Entertainment
Credit @ Netflix

Last September, popular OTT platform Netflix announced that it had acquired video game creator Night School Studio. Night School Studio, the developer of Oxenfree and Oxenfree II, joins Netflix in its first major acquisition of Netflix Studios. Netflix’s acquisition of developer Oxenfree Night School is the most notable acquisition to date. Just this month, Netflix acquired Next Games, the studio responsible for developing puzzle games based on Netflix’s popular Stranger Things series.

Netflix has been gradually acquiring game developers since last September in an effort to boost Netflix’s presence in the video game market.  Netflix announced last year that it would make games a separate category, free to subscribers. It initially launched five new mobile games. Netflix launched its games category last November, and it adds new titles from time to time. Netflix has been making inroads into gaming since last year, and the result is a host of new titles, including games related to the popular Stranger Things series that you can play on the Netflix app. The deal will allow Netflix to expand its game catalog as the company builds its own creative development team. The acquisition is the company’s third acquisition and coincidentally equals the number of smartphone games the streaming giant launched this week.

Purchased is the second purchase of the mobile games development studio for Netflix in just one month, and the studio’s third purchase overall. The third purchase from the game studio will expand the Netflix game roster, which already has 16 mobile games available to play on iOS and Android.

Netflix Boss Fight Entertainment
Credit @ Boss Fight Entertainment

This new partnership will also allow Boss Fight Entertainment to create original games that provide players with a more immersive experience. In response to the acquisition, Amir Rahimi, vice president of streaming service company Game Scientist, said in a statement that the newly acquired game studios’ vast experience in creating successful games across all genres will help boost Netflix’s momentum to provide subscribers with a better gaming experience.

Streaming giant Netflix has added game developer Boss Fight Entertainment to its creative team four months after the platform launched mobile games, which will help Netflix expand its game catalog, according to a corporate blog post Thursday (March 24). announce the move. According to Netflix, Boss Fight is expected to help accelerate Netflix’s gaming ambitions as the company continues to build its own development team. Netflix announced the acquisition on its blog, saying it is keen to add Boss Fight Entertainment to its team as it continues to expand its catalog of games available to subscribers.

Netflix is ​​fairly new to the gaming industry, has released a batch of Netflix mobile games just four months ago. In addition to acquiring successful video game studios, the streaming service has also created mobile games as part of its subscription package. Netflix reasoned that offering games as part of a subscription would improve the value proposition and help attract and retain subscribers. Right now, the company can’t compete with gaming giants like Microsoft and Sony and their army of development studios, and other tech companies like Amazon and Google already have an edge over the streamer. In addition to competing with Disney+ and Amazon, Netflix will compete for dominance in the gaming space with heavyweights Microsoft and Sony Corporation.

Netflix and video game fans will be looking forward to high-quality, ad-free games created by the latest tandem in the entertainment scene. It’s unknown if Next Games, Night School Studio, and Boss Fight Entertainment will be releasing exclusive mobile games for Netflix Games, but it’ll be interesting to see what Netflix has in store for games in the near future.