COVID-19 passports

New York introduces first-ever Digital COVID-19 vaccination passports

COVID-19 passport
Source: Future Travel Experience

Since COVID-19 has disrupted our lives all around the world, scientists have been thoroughly engaged to find a vaccine for the world threat to curb this pandemic and bring normal mask-less lives back. This is still a possibility because vaccination drives have begun in the United States and in many countries around the world. Therefore, the question arises that is it now safe to go around in events and parties and concerts when you are COVID-19 negative. How will you prove to the authorities on the spot that you are COVID-19 negative?

Well, New York has recently introduced the solution in the form of a digital passport. Yes! The United States of America has made digital passports for the COVID-19 vaccination report, a reality in the country. According to a report by USA Today, New York has recently rolled out an Excelsior Pass which is a digital pass for residents through which they can prove that they have been vaccinated or tested negative for the COVID-19 test. With the help of this digital pass, residents of the United States will be able to move around freely with the pass which will prove the authorities about your COVID-19 well-being.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, residents can use their phones virtual wallet to flash a QR code to the authorities to prove to them that you are safe to move around the country, go to events, weddings, concerts, stage performances or anywhere.

Furthermore, government authorities have strictly issued a statement which says that the use of the digital Excelsior pass is completely voluntary for residents as both individuals and businesses. According to multiple reports, it has also been confirmed that the initial adopters of this new digital pass will be large venues such as Madison Square Garden in NYC. Not just in large venues but these passes will be helpful for the authorities to scrutinize an individual’s safety in small venues and events as well.

As reported by Engadget, state officials have also mentioned that these digital passes are powered by IBM and that it will not store any data from the user and neither will it track the private health data of an individual. These passes will use verifiable information with encryption and a combination of blockchain technology to ensure safety so that people don’t use fake passes to get entry without either being vaccinated or tested COVID-19 negative.

The main question that arises now is that for now, these digital passports are issued on a voluntary basis, but there is a high chance that in the future, the state can make this mandatory for residents to use. There are chances that these passports can help businesses regain their lost strength with permissible workforce limit back to normal.