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5 reasons to join #NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest


Energy becomes a crucial commodity in the modern world. The demand for it continues to rise as the world population rapidly increases, while primary sources of energy, like fuels, are limited and ruin the ecosystem of Earth dramatically. Global environmental threats force the world to seriously consider the development of clean technologies and boost the search for solutions to long-term energy supply.

October 27 Kazakhstan’s Astana will host #NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest a global event organized by JSC “Informational and Analytical Centre of Oil and Gas” and supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its focus is on future developments in “green economy”, renewable and alternative energy sources.
Here are a few reasons why #NEWENERGY is a must-attend event for the industry:

It is the biggest pre-EXPO-2017 event to gather early-stage companies, investors and experts in cleantech and renewable energy.

Next year Kazakhstan’s capital Astana will host EXPO-2017 focusing on “future energy” to address such challenges as climate change and decreasing fossil fuel reserves. This October, JSC “Informational and Analytical Centre of Oil and Gas” and the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan organize #NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest. Its key aim is to attract innovative international companies, venture funds and accelerators in the clean energy. Prior to Astana EXPO-2017, #NEWENERGY will filter and shape the most vital part of industry to exhibit next year.

Unique possibilities for clean energy startups from around the world.

#NEWENERGY expert panel will select TOP 100 early-stage companies to come to the event (their flights and accommodation will be covered). The chosen companies will pitch to the expert panel and international investors at #NEWENERGY main stage. TOP 30 early-stage startups will have a chance to present themselves at Astana EXPO-2017.

The event provides clean tech investors with the most promising early-stage companies of the economy’s sector, offering opportunities for a successful investment.

Funding a startup is always risky regardless of the market segment. What #NEWENERGY offers though is not only a rapidly developing industry of renewable energy and alternative energy resources. The event will gather top-notch startups and companies with the highest potential to minimize the risks for investors and provide the best possible platform for networking.

Insights into the main trends of the clean energy industry, future technologies and opportunities.

Presentations from companies will cover the latest global trends in the field of alternative and renewable energy sources, climate and ecology, smart cities and sustainable infrastructure, rational and efficient use of water resources, new production technologies and methods.

The most beautiful and mesmerizing venue – The City of Future.

Kazakhstan is a leading energy producer in the CIS and one of the biggest oil, gas, and coal exporters of the world. Astana, which will host #NEWENERGY, became Kazakhstan’s the new capital in 1997, since then billions have been invested to make one of the most breathtaking cities of Central Asia. With its high-tech buildings, wide roads, monumental architecture Astana is an obvious choice for clean technologies event.



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