Polestar 2 receives massive upgrades, but at a cost

Next-gen Polestar 2 revealed with significant upgrades and design changes

Polestar reveals its next-generation Polestar 2 sedan. It comes with various significant upgrades and minor design changes. However, the upgrades come with a cost. Though the price is not revealed, it is expected to be much higher than the current Standard Range RWD at 50,190 Euros (which is not available in North America).

Polestar 2 receives massive upgrades, but at a cost
Image credits- CNET

The innovative Swedish EV brand has quickly gained a cult following in North America and Europe for its sleek and modern design, relentless dedication to sustainable manufacturing, and premium interior offerings which have clearly benefitted from the company’s relation to Volvo. Now, the company has released the next generation of its trendy Polestar 2 sedan, and with some significant performance upgrades, the vehicle has only become a more enticing offering.

First,  according to the company’s press release the sad passing of the front-wheel-drive model; will not be there. But in its place, Polestar has followed in the footsteps of Tesla and made rear-wheel-drive the standard drive for its vehicles. Along with the change in orientation, Polestar has designed an all-new drivetrain that means the RWD model could be pretty squirrely.


With Polestar’s new permanent magnet motor design, the single motor, RWD, standard range sedan comes with 300 horsepower (220kW), 361 pound-feet of torque, and a (while not blistering) respectable 0-60 of 6.2 seconds. Compared to the current generation sedan, this is an increase of over 60 horsepower and roughly 120 pound-feet of torque. This massive boost in power doesn’t come at the detriment of range. With the standard 69kWh battery, the RWD Polestar 2 achieves a range of 322 miles (518km), and with the optional 82kWh long-range battery, the sedan is capable of a staggering 395 miles (635km) of range. However, it should be noted that with the smaller standard-range battery, drivers are limited to a charging speed of 135kW instead of the 205kW the long-range battery is capable of.

Unfortunately, the EV maker will not sell the standard range sedan in North America, meaning that the base model vehicle’s price will likely rapidly increase in the next generation. The dual-motor AWD variant of the Polestar 2, which is only available with the longer-range battery, receives an equally massive bump in power. A rear-biased system produces 422 horsepower (310kW) and 545 pound-feet of torque, rocketing the sport sedan to 60 in just 4.5 seconds. And if that isn’t enough, Polestar also sells an optional Performance Pack, which increases power to 476 horsepower and lowers the 0-60 to just 4.2 seconds. Other upgrades to the next-gen vehicle focus on its driving tech and sustainability.