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Next-Gen Sonic The Hedgehog Game Coming In 2022

Next-Gen Sonic The Hedgehog Game Coming In 2022

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic Team is developing a Next-Gen 3D Sonic The Hedgehog game that will be released for PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Blue Blur is not an official title, but is developed by Sonic Team and is expected to be released on next-generation platforms and other systems in 2022. Starting September 7 for Xbox One / PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch and PC, there is also a rumored remaster of Sonic Color called Sonic Color Ultimate.

Sega announced Thursday the re-release of Sonic Team 3D Adventure, a remaster of the 2010 Wii game Sonic Colors. In what has become a tradition for announcement streams, Sega had one more thing to share during the festivities, and in the end, it turned out to be a teaser trailer for a new Sonic game due for release in 2022. The title received a brief teaser with a tentative release in 2022, which would be the first Sonic title for the next-gen platforms.

Sonic The Hedgehog

No major games were announced during the 12-minute presentation, but there are rumors of a remaster of Sonic Colors. If the rumors of a revised old Sonic game are true, Sonic Origins will be released next year.

So far there are no details about the new Sonic the Hedgehog game to be released in 2022, but the only thing Sega has shown for the game is that Sonic is in the race.

Sonic The Hedgehog

No official title has been given to the brand new Sonic game, but it has received a cryptic teaser release window, and the game is scheduled to be released early next year on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

It is likely that Sega will bring the Sonic game to more audiences in 2021, and the PC version seems like a safe bet.

Over the next year, a month or give a month if they want to publish the game, the title of the game is still a mystery, but it will be Sonic Team’s next Sonic Game to find out. 920 million games have sold since its debut in 1991, thanks to the surprising success of the Sonic the Hedgehog film earlier this year. That’s more than $6 billion to date, which is a clear reason for Sega to keep the franchise going. It’s safe to say that Sega hopes Sonic Team will have a new title for it, and one that gets fans on board with the franchise in 2022.

Sonic Origin

The classic Sonic Origins is a collection of older Sonic games launched on modern platforms. Sonic the Hedgehog (1991), Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (1992), Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994), Sonic Knuckles (1994), and Sonic CD (1993) are included. Sonic Origins re-introduces five classic -Sonic games for the next generation to enjoy.

Sonic the Hedgehog celebrated its 30th birthday this year, and Sega teased a host of upcoming projects during its first Sonic Central Livestream. The publisher promised new Sonic franchise games, digital content, events, and more for 2021 and beyond. The keyword seems to be “game,” and it indicates that Sonic will be involved in several different projects that are expected to arrive during this period.



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