Among Us

Among Us Is Available For Free On Epic Games Store For A Limited Time
Among Us is a popular game that gained millions of users last year

Among Us Is Available For Free On Epic Games Store For A Limited Time

Among Us

Epic Games Store has announced that from today the popular game Among Us will be free on the platform. Innersloth has teamed up with Epic Games to make its popular US title available to more players by offering it in-store for free. To qualify for free, you only need to go to the official website of the Epic Games Store to claim it.

For a limited period, the official announcement of the offer will be available from the Epic Games Store at the original price of Rs 119. The new offer is part of the Epic Mega Sale, where all new games will be offered for free.

The latest free title in the Epic Games Store is Among Us, a multiplayer game that gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among us is a cute social deduction game in which teams of up to ten players are assigned a series of tasks to complete such as preparing a ship for the launch. If you have an account with this service, you can download the game for free until June 3rd, after which it will cost $5.

The Airship map

The free feature of Epic Games Stores will only be available on the site until June 3rd. Registered users can purchase the latest Mystery Game during the Mega Sale if they have a free account between May 27 and June 3.

The Epic Games Store will continue offering free games for the foreseeable future as part of its commitment to draw players. Epic kicked off their mega-sale earlier this month with NBA 2K21.

To receive your free copy of Among Us, you must have an account in the Epic Games Store. Those who have an Epic account can log in for free until June 3. The next epic mystery game in line all week, starting on Tuesday.

Among Us

So one of the mystery games being offered in-store for free at Epic retail for INR 119 this week doesn’t have many great opportunities for players to play this weekend. To sweeten the deal, Epic Games is also offering account holders an INR 750 coupon as part of the sale, which they can get by signing up.

The Epic Games Store has been offering free games for as long as it has been around, so this should come as no surprise. His promotion, which was launched last week, proposes 10 games priced at $15, including the titles featured in his mega sale.

While the Epic Games Store is a showcase, the game is also available on the web through the integrated Epic Games Launcher application. The web application allows players to buy games from Epic Games and launch applications that they can install to keep their games up to date. You can also download Amazon Games to play games offered through Prime Gaming.

Among Us

You need to set up a free account in the Epic Games Store and enable two-factor authentication to receive freebies. Steam has many free games that you can download at any time, but for a limited time, free titles are rare. In addition, players can get the game themselves without time ($4.99 USD) and it is fully supported by the developer.

The Epic Mega Sale also allows players to join Free-to-Play Shooter Rogue Company and receive Deadly Apparitions Starter Pack for free until June 17. If you’re interested in the game based on Company of Heroes 2 you can grab the Southern Front DLC by connecting your Steam account to the website of the game.

As part of the ongoing Mega Sale from May 20 to June 17 at the Epic Games Store, there are many popular titles at a hefty discount. Below us is an Innersloth developer game that can be downloaded for free from the epic game store during its mega sale, which began on May 20 and runs through June 17.