NFL Seeks Assistance From VR To Conquer Challenges Like Racism, Sexism


11 April, 2016, USA: The whole world is moved by the VR technology and many companies have adopted it in delivering a close to real experience to its customers. Whether it is a game of a home décor, VR makes it look so real that it becomes difficult to differentiate between the real world and VR. To take the technology to a next level, researchers at Stanford University is working on a project that will help to conquer challenges such as racism, sexism, discrimination etc. with the help of VR.

“Feeling prejudice by walking a mile in someone else’s shoes is what VR was made for,” says Jeremy Bailenson, director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

These diversity-training simulations could prove beneficial in countless ways and so far have attracted interest from at least one large organization: the National Football League, reports the Next Web. The officials of NFL had a meeting with researchers at interaction lab in which officials discussed on how they can utilise the power of VR to assist coaches, athletes and other personnel in diversity training scenarios.

The NFL has a rather checkered history in dealing with problems like domestic violence and racism problems researchers hope to answer with a pair of VR googles and a life-like simulation designed to increase empathy, according to The Next Web.

“VR can deliver on real social issues that allow people to be better. We’ll start using this as another teaching tool later this year. All lab studies show that you can change people’s attitudes for about 30 minutes after training. But three to six months later there’s either no change or a negative reaction because you’ve actually activated their bias,” says former NFL cornerback and current Executive VP of Football Operations Troy Vincent.

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